'It's up to you now
It honestly is'
So says the bum off O'Connell Street pissed
I say 'Are you talking to me'
I mean he's gawking at me
Hugging a bottle of Ritz
And he's Swigging it
He's hardcore swigging it
Got yellowy fingertips
And I think there are navy cut cigarettes
And he's kind of drunk so I won't lie a brick in it
I'm expecting he's gonna lob at me fists up
Or dish out intolerable foreigner insults

Apologies, mix up,
Doesn't want dick-all,
Just a chat with something other than a brick wall

My preconceptions stink but we carry on
We get the natter on,
What's that, oh Harry John,
He tells me he was beaten by his dad and mom
cheated at the marathon and really likes a __________
Anyway, we're chit-chatting like friends do,
Until he turns and says soft and gentle
You and your generation are the breed who decide if this planet will ever succeed.
Don't make a balls of it, begging you please

I say hold on, I just make music,
He says but do you have the power to use it,
He explains responsibility to me and how we're fucked if we pass it to the loonies cause

So that's that, I suddenly have power in my hands,
Well I can't plan an hour in advance ______ fat chance
I'll have any say in save for this century,
it's case of mistaken identity
they're telling me it's time for the new guard,
And my generation holds the cue card,
And ___________ is open
And ___________ the slogans
The guys we'll quote in future schoolyards,
That's _______
The duty of a real civilian,
I think about my children's kids and feel ill then,
Ill of the thought of coming of age
Get up, Stand up, more than a wonderful phrase,
See some are afraid, some are unphased,
Some wanna grab the duvet and stay under for days,
Who's ready, who'll buckle under the weight,
We'll find out one way or another I'd say

I gotta buck the trend
Buck, buck the trend
Legacy's a big word ringing in my head,
I gotta buck the trend
Buck, buck the trend
Show a little mettle because so many depend on my actions
Duty is a whip that's crackin, Crackin,
Now I'm getting out of bed.

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