"Koyaanisqatsi" as written by and Robert Rosenberg....
A Hopi Indian word meaning
"Life Out of Balance"

I feel the time has come
For someone to tell it like it is

Where else can you tell the truth?
TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines?
They're all controlled by giant corporations
Free speech, if not meaningless
Is powerless

(Your freedom's on the line)

Truth is the enemy of power
And power is the enemy of truth
Writers and artists can vanquish lies.
Against lies art has won and always will
Claim sole

Lies can stand up against
Much in the world
But not against art

Thomas Jefferson said
"Nothing can now be believed that which seen in the newspaper.
The first step toward philosophy is doubt.

Henry David Thoreau said
"Reality is fabulous.
Any truth is better than make believe."

Down with the New Age
Up with reality
Believers in the New Age and the occult
Have always been among us
But probably never before
Have so many abandoned realism
And naturalism
And rushed to embrace the fantasies of spirtualism

I wish to stand apart
Alone, if need be
And hold up the ragged flag of REASON
Reason with a capital "R"
Sweet reason
The newest and rarest
thing in human life
the most delicate child of human history

Knowledge is the antidote to fear
Be content with
a little light
so it be your own
Explore, explore
"Immitation is suicide" says Emerson

Speak what you think now
and Hard words
and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks
and hard words again
Though it contradicts everything you said today

To be great is to be misunderstood
Walt Whitman says "do I contradict myself?
Very well I contradict myself.
Resist much.
Obey little."

"It is through disobedience
That progress has been made
Disobedience and rebellion"
said Oscar Wilde

It was Thomas Jefferson who said
"I have sworn upon the alter of God
Eternal hostility
Against every form of tyranny
Over the mind of men"
A little rebellion now and then is a good thing
"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

The amendments and the Bill of Rights were framed
to protect individual rights against governmental infringements
What's worse than a knee-jerk Liberal?
A knee-capped Conservative, that's what
Forever groveling before the rich and powerful.
When we want something from the rich
We'll take it by force
The honorable way
"Death before dishonor", as it were

There's something else
Animal rights
That is the other animals that share this world with us
I refer to the deliberate torture of monkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits
And other animals in the laboratories
Of what is call "science"
Offered for no purpose but the satisfaction of curiosity
The cruelty inflicted upon animals trapped in our prudent research apparatus
Is appalling
Contempt for animal life leads to contempt for human life

The second amendment states
that the freeborn americans right to own and bear firearms
must remain inviolable.
I support the NRA because I favor the second amendment
After all,
Guns don't kill people
People kill people
and if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns
I intend to be among the outlaws

Thoreau stated "in the wilderness
lies the preservation of the world."
The wilderness is our ancestral home
and if it is threatened with invasion, pillage and destruction
then we have the right to defend that home as we would our private quarters
-by whatever means necessary
We have the right to resist
And we have the obligation.
Not to defend that
Which if we love
Would be dishonorable.
They can't do this to us!
There's a law against it
- A higher law

Oh well, revenge is on the way
We see it in those high thin clouds far on the northern sky
We feel it in those rumbles of discontent
Deep within the Earth
We smell it on the air
The smell of danger
Death before dishonor?
That's right.
What else?
Liberty or death?

The highest treason is to disavow and deny
This lone but gracious planet
Of which we voyage through the cold void of space
"Be faithful to the earth" announced Nietzsche
"Eternal reoccurance".

"Live dangerously" said Nietzsche
"Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius"

This about sums it up
But may very well end my career in music
Which is not a career anyway
But rather a passion
Fueled in equal parts by anger and love
For how can we feel one with out the other?

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