"Million Miles" as written by David Andrew Sitek, Tunde Adebimpe, Kyp Malone and Jaleel Bunton....
Here's to a truth we knew
No writ no script just light like a whip struck on soul leather
It was a feeling
That I shared with you
It could only be hinted at with metaphor
Crudely drawn clichéd form
But I knew what I knew

You could hear it in her voice
She was over the moon
You could see it when he moved
And danced to the tune of love so true

Now it's over and you're cold
Your story's stale from [or "never"] being told
Know the tale skip to the end
Maybe you're achin' but try it again

Then it goes
A million miles an hour
Think you'll let it take you home
Freeze your golden hour
When you let love break your heart
It pulls you back to pieces
As you're weeping through the miracle
After all that we've been through
Thought I heard them say,
"I can't believe it isn't gold"
It isn't gold

From the bottom bottoms up
Sip from soiled lovers' cup
And we'll time the shine that climbs
We'll fall in line in this humble parade

[Leaving lights on] turn them off
We can play the parts of the ones we lost
We'll be wed in warm sweet hell
And we'll lie as we lay

You can see it on her face
That the song's out of tune
You can read it in his gait
As he walked away

Now it's over and we're cold
No more story left to unfold
We read the end again and again
It always goes that way

Then it goes
A million miles an hour
Don't you let love break your heart
Givin' all your power
To a thing that falls apart
Freeze your golden hour
Don't you even let it start
Don't let it start
Don't let it start
No no

Can't be told
A million miles an hour
Don't you let love break your heart
Givin' all your power
To the flame that falls apart
After 'bout an hour
Then you think can't get higher 'til
All at once you find yourself
A million miles from home and all alone
A million miles from home and all alone
A million miles from home and all alone
A million miles from home and all alone

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    My OpinionChristgau snubbed "Desperate Youths" for having inchoate, juvenile lyrics about love. (I personally don't think that's a justifiable reason to overlook the album, but whatever.) Whatever your opinion, TV on the Radio hasn't really had a complex love song till this one, but they've certainly made up for it.

    "Freeze your golden hour" is a brilliant lyric--as the "Golden Hour" refers to both the first and last hour of sunlight in the day, and the hour in which life can be preserved after catastrophic injury. Damn good metaphor for love!
    EmWon October 21, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis was a tough, rewarding song to transcribe. Context and theme determined almost all of the ambiguity, but there's still one uncertain point.

    Any ideas on the bracketed bit?
    EmWon October 22, 2013   Link
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    General CommentLove this band, love this song. Wishing they will be at Coachella this year!

    I think this song is about the infatuation of love, that amazing feeling when the world is abound and nothing can stop you. Its that feeling of losing someone special, seeing the stages in other couples and never wanting to lose that feeling to try again.

    RAWHEADon December 08, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI hope this is a sign of things to come .... To me it captures the insatiable connection two people can have between one another even though they are not right for each other. No one around them understands the connection but its electric when the two meet. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet.
    RAWHEADon May 17, 2014   Link

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