Took the fortunes of a younger man
Like who knew the plans of the elite
We were cut off before we began
And you count on it, you count on it
That those deeds don't go down uncounted
You can believe that somewhere there's a long list
With your name on it with Bullshit
Cut 'em down, cut 'em down

This is bullshit, you embrace it every day
How long will it take? I've run the race
And I'm still running, I don't carry a gun
I don't need a bullet to send my point
The question is how much will it take
To take a shit like you down
How much will it take you
Cut 'em down, cut 'em down, cut 'em down

We just consume in this society
Shit in equals shit out
What you see is what you get
What hope for the dissatisfied as we find our way
My own train left at the station without me
Imagine that, the ticket still in my hand
Betraying the destination
But me, I remained behind to
Cut 'em down, cut 'em down

You mouth all the lies, you do it so well
You mouth all the lies, you do it so well
You mouth all the lies, you seem so complete
Without the standing you had
You will fall, we will watch you fall down
You have no reason to complain
You have no reason to complain
This is bullshit
Cut 'em down
Bullshit, cut 'em down, cut 'em down
Cut 'em down, cut 'em down

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