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Old Love/New Love song meanings
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    Song MeaningSomeone he really shouldn't be in a relationship with but keeps coming back to has called him yet again. And no matter how many times he convinces himself that he doesn't love her anymore, each time they split apart and he has time away from her, it all gets crushed when she contacts him again.

    He always thinks he's ready for it but he isn't. He can never prepare himself for the hurt.

    Yes, it's about an old love becoming a new love. But it's also about the pain of loving someone when you really, really shouldn't. It's the pain of being stuck on someone you should really move on from.

    An unhealthy cycle of old love becoming a new love.
    BatteryPoweredLighton January 16, 2014   Link
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    General CommentReconciliation. Old love becomes new love.
    AnUseron October 18, 2013   Link
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    General CommentDisagree with the other 2 comments on this song. I don't think it's about reconciliation with an old love, or old love becoming new love. For me it's about still having some feelings for an old love, even thought you're in a new relationship, and then that person contacting you, and you're feeling conflicted and angry with yourself about how you would actually go meet up with them.

    The way i read this, it's about a relationship that has ended, but he's not over. "Old love", as described at the start of the song. That person called him, and he's annoyed at himself that he's still not over it.

    "And she sounds so sweet - why she sound so sweet?"

    "Drill me to the floor" probably means, hold me in this place because im so tempted to go and see that person, even though it's not what I really want.

    The main flow of the song and the main energy in delivery comes thinking about his current relationship, as if he's desparately trying to convince himself that this new love is the real thing:

    "Like the moon says to the dark, we will never be apart. We'll never be alone again"
    "Cause it was you who call me out, when I couldn't shut my mouth about the last love that did me in"
    "I couldn't sleep you said just sleep with me. I couldn't speak you said I'm listening"
    "And if it breaks me down. I'll be around. Until it's you love, you're my new love"

    We end the song returning to the fact that his old love has called and stirred these feelings he's trying to hide from. You're left feeling that maybe this new relationship isn't the real thing, but rather a distraction, and he's considering going back to the ex.
    gmachineon March 15, 2018   Link

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