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I'm a man
That's what you raised me to be
I'm not an identity crisis
This was planned

I'm a man
as in a citizen of mankind
It's what kind of animal I am
It's that simple, oh

I'm a man
And not just casually
I pull this barge full time
This treehouse will not support me
I'm not the runt of the litter
Those fat-fingered bullies were no match for me
I still taste them in my teeth
I'm a man

I'm a man's man
Always been
Make no mistake
I've invested in
A woman's heart is the watermark
By which I measure everything

I'm a man
That's what you raised me to be
I'm not your identiy crisis
This was planned
I'm a man
You'll have to deal with me
My proxy is mine
You'll deal with me directly

And if I'm dipshit drunk on pink perfume
Then I'm the man in the fucking moon
'Cause you didn''t know what a man was
Until I showed you

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    General CommentThis is prob. my all-time favorite song. Neko Case is one of my very favorite singer-songwriters, and this song is her at her very best. It's such a unique, creative, and powerful song. I'm in awe of it whenever I listen to it! It has a powerful message: Regardless of our individual gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. we're all members of MANKIND and are all connected to each other through that. Neko Case may be a straight female in social terms, but she FEELS like she's a man and who's to say she isn't? Gender identity is far more than one's genitals or sexual orientation. And we're all part of MANKIND and so our lives and bodies are interconnected in more ways than we realize anyway. That's my 2 cents on this song's interpretation. Brilliant Song! My Favorite.
    LavenderDreamson January 14, 2014   Link
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    General CommentSeems like no one wants to tackle this...but that's probably because it's self-explanatory as shit and talking about it on the internet is like arming a minefield full of gender-discussion-but-actually-arguments-bombs.

    Great tune though, Neko's as much a man as I am for sure.
    WeSpokeAboutIton September 07, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about how we are all brought up in a society that teaches that the worst thing one can be is a "girl." We are all raised to essentially be "men" and to represent all the masculine qualities, while stifling any feminine tendencies for fear of being ridiculed. Even women are taught to distrust & hate one another, instead, that it's favored to be "one of the guys."

    This song hits the nail on the head & is wonderfully tongue-in-cheek.
    daytimeghostson April 09, 2014   Link
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    My Interpretationim wondering if
    "If I'm dipshit drunk on pink perfume - Then I am the man in the fucking moon"
    means something along the lines of "if you find me dolled up and strutting around then make no mistake about my identity as a man, even then."

    im not sure i understand the dipship drunk on pink perfume line

    or maybe its a call to just completely disregard gender roles and that we are all mankind... which is an idea i like but the rest of the song seems to be about one particular individual.
    dumbkidon May 22, 2014   Link

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