I pass the light that the young people make
How joyfully it's wasted
I feel the weight of the needle's repeat and sigh
Sang my weight in metric trash
Trip the light in Saturn's embrace
You'll give up some local girl while our lights
Our lights blot out her face

All of you lie about something
(You know you do, all of you, shame on you, all of you lie)
You're on a first-name basis
All of you lie about something
You know you do, all of you, shame on you, all of you lie)
You're on a first-name basis

God damn the time
God damn the miles
That take me away from you
And change your face

And change the way I love you
And change the way I love you
And change the way I loved you
And changed the way I loved you

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    My InterpretationStill working my way through understanding this, but here's what I've got so far:

    The first two lines seem to be about feeling old and remembering with longing that carefree feeling of being young.

    The bit about the "needle's repeat" suggests a broken record -- something she keeps feeling, or doing, or experiencing over and over, and it's driving her mad, a rut she can't get out of. This could be anything -- habit, addiction, not being able to get over someone...

    "Sang my weight in metric trash" is harder to parse. Assuming this one is autobiographical, maybe she's dismissing her own work as a singer-songwriter. (She does this in "Night Still Comes" when she talks about "if I puked up some sonnets...") Metric could refer to the meter of the lyrics -- the rhythm of poetry, like iambic pentameter or trochaic tetrameter. Her weight is just her considerable body of work, which details so much of who she is and where she's been.

    "Trip the light" is a reference to tripping the light fantastic, or dancing joyfully, but instead of "fantastic" it's in "Saturn's embrace" -- in the grip of sadness. Is she doing this, or telling someone else to do it?

    "You'll give up some local girl, while our lights...blot out her face." Maybe she's talking again about the naive young people around her, losing themselves in show business (a spotlight can wash out a performer's face if it's too bright). Or maybe she's addressing an individual; maybe he's breaking the local girl's heart because he and the narrator bring out that "light" in each other.

    "All of you lie..." sounds like a guilty conscience nagging in the back of your mind.

    "God damn the time/miles that take me away from you/and change your face..."

    She's definitely speaking to a partner here, maybe an ex or soon-to-be ex. Long distance and a long time apart are making her forget what he's like. "And change the way I love you" changes to "loved you." She's growing numb about the loss in spite of herself.
    SirenAsunderon May 04, 2016   Link
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    General CommentI agree with a lot of SirenAsunders interpretation, but I think I have a couple of ideas to add.

    Saturn is the planet of duty, and ideas of adulthood, maturity, restriction. Saturns embrace" to me means music is now the writers job.

    "You'll give up some local girl" is also "You'll give up for some local girl" in some transcriptions of these lyrics. Which gives us an image of the writer looking down from stage at an old friend/lover in the crowd watching the show with their girlfriend who had given up music for a relationship. "Our lights blot out her face".

    So perhaps Neko is singing about a lover that she gave up for music, while facing an ex that did the opposite?

    "All of you lie about someday" (in some other transcriptions) may mean that people talk a big talk, have plans, and have dreams, and promises. But the passage of time has it's own ideas.

    But I also love the lyric ""All of you lie about something" too, as it's such a sharp observation of the human condition.

    These lyrics are thick with imagery. And I'm trying to work them out before I work up a cover version of the song.

    The chorus is one of the most sublime hooks ever written.
    redroredriguezon November 22, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationOh and,

    'God damn the time
    God damn the miles
    That take me away from you
    And change your face

    And change the way I love you'

    Refers to the time that has passed and her longing for that old relationship that she can't have back.
    redroredriguezon November 22, 2016   Link

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