"Southern Sun" as written by David Hosking, Killian Gavin, Timothy Hart and Jonathan Hart....
In all you'll see
What was it that came down on me that night
A conjuring, I held on to that moment
And lie just to make it alive

I stood out there in the covering
In the baskings of a holy night
And I was lucid and conscious
And hovering like a firefly
My mind stretched out on the canopy
It put its arms out slow
And I heard the whispers of silence floating down from the radio

So come on, come on I'm ready now
I got the feeling honey like I'm ready to roll
You see I'm not gonna wait till the end of me
'Cause I got the burning fire in bed of my soul

I saw the light from a kettle gun
Sixteen days under a Southern Sun
And there were times when I thought that
I wouldn't mind it if I lost my mind out there
You wouldn't believe me if I told you so
The things I saw were enough to make the man in me
A man in me, make a man of me

So come on, come on I'm ready now
Go get your things out honey, let's get ready to roll
Oh I can feel the wave coming over me
I've been waiting for this day too long just to let it all go

As a child I was wonder-eyed at the thought that I might know
A life in the ecstasy of Rock'n Roll
O-oh-oh i'm not taking it slow
I'm an arrow in a bow
You think that I don't know, what it is that makes me glow

So come on, come on I'm ready now
I got the feeling honey like I'm ready to roll
You see I'm not gonna wait till the end of me
'Cause I got the burning fire in the bed of my soul

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"Southern Sun" as written by Jonathan Hart David Hosking

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    General CommentA boy fell madly in love with a girl one fateful night.. Emotions basically flooded into him, and now that the moment is over, the only way he can relive it is by dreaming.

    It was a simple, beautiful way that he fell in love. There was no commotion around, nothingness, just him laying in the night sky. His mind was stretched out in the sense that he finally opened up his mind to love for one of the first times. He was letting himself feel more so than he ever had before. It is a holy night because he is feeling giving into feeling and loving and other things that scare humanity to the core.

    He is ready to start life for real, he is ready to start loving every inch of this girl that helped him wake up. He is ready to start something. He cannot wait forever, because his feeling is so strong and he wants it so bad. Maybe she is not quite ready, maybe she is taken.

    He realized life is not crazy long (kettle gun reference). He spent time in the real world (16 days under the Southern Sun), the hottest warmest sun out there. There were challenges in the world (Southern Sun) and he saw a lot of things that made him grow up. He wouldn't have minded to lose his mind out there, forget some of the things he saw, maybe even forget about this girl he cannot seem to fall out of love with. He is a man now and he is trying to prove that to her, but he is not sure f she can realize that he has grown up. And he has not grown up in a bad way, but actually a good way. He has become noble and wiser.

    He is ready to get his love back again. He is proving he is ready now. The waves of feeling and love have rushed back into his heart and nothing can stop them. His time out in the world made him realize that he really did love this girl as a boy and he still does. He has been waiting forever for her and he will not let her get away, no matter what.

    When he was young, he always thought about the possibility of living the fast lifestyle. Of fame and fortune and rock n' roll. And now that he is older now he is still ready to live that fast paced lifestyle, but maybe not in the same sense he imagined as a kid. He is an arrow in a bow, ready to fly out and shoot out into the world. This girl he loves is not sure if he is genuine, but he is telling her deep down she knows how much he loves her, how he would live just to be with her and he is ready to start now, he is not ready to waste a precious second.

    He repeats what he said to her years ago, how he has been ready for he and he cannot wait until he dies because his love and passion for her are inside of him so alive and ready to grow. There is a sweet irony to his words "I'm not gonna wait til the end of me", because in a way it seems like he would wait forever for this girl. He can never end if he loves her, because she makes him feel so alive and real, even when she is not with him.
    lolo2on April 15, 2014   Link
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    MemoryYesterday I went to say goodbye to someone close to me who was dying of leukemia. I was asked by his wife to play a song for him so I chose this one to play on guitar. I couldn't finish the song because I started crying pretty hard, but despite being in a coma he lifted his arm when I was playing. I'm not sure why I chose this song but it was the first thing that came to me. He died this morning. RIP Rob.
    brokentelephone78on August 08, 2015   Link
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    General CommentSeveral parts of this song remind me of tripping.
    sublime2419on May 05, 2014   Link
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    General CommentReminds me of Van Morrison's "Caravan," an experience under the heavens and songs playing on the radio
    soundGuy11901on May 25, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI have to agree with sublime, if I had to interpret this song I would have to say it's about a psychedllic experience. Many of the lyrics vividly describe features of a trip.

    He describes feeling lucid and conscious, just lying in nature and taking it all in. he describes the feeling of his mind expanding upon the canopy of nature. Seeing bright flashes of light. Feeling recharged and ready to take control of your life and make big changes and leaps forward (the burning in the bed of his soul) The whole song has a really spiritual, natural and magical feel to it, as does the video.

    He also makes multiple references to feeling out of his mind, (hearing whispers of silence) and mentions that he doesn't mind it much (wouldn't mind it if I lost my mind out there) as if he has given into it fully. (I've been waiting for this day too long just to let it all go)

    He also describes being "an arrow in a bow" many people who have done potent psychedellics like DMT describe feeling as though they are launched into space like an arrow from a bow, or a shot out of a cannon.

    And anybody who has done psychedelics knows that feeling of "I can't describe it" and "you wouldn't believe me even if I told you so"

    To me it sounds like he had a 2 week life changing spiritual experience, under the Influence of drugs or not...
    austin1111on October 20, 2014   Link
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    General CommentOld bands used to go to a hide away for short periods of time to make albums. This song could mean that they were away from it all for 16 days under a souther sun to think up this album or song. Great song. The music takes you.
    navonod1969on November 28, 2014   Link
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    General CommentFor me, this song makes me think more about the withdrawals from himself but not because of drugs or anything like that, but because of an event. He talks about it in the first part of the song. It puts him in sort of a weird state of mind. The song also talks about going to the woods to think more and this could be because of that event he needed some time to himself. "Come come on I'm ready now" just means that after secluding himself in the woods observing his mind, he now knows what he needs to do to make a change in his life relating back to that one event. He then talks about another event that makes a man out of him and this is another example of him secluding himself to think over his own mind.
    rennoconon June 30, 2017   Link

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