I'm back and doing this shit for you.
2010, baby.
Coming straight through you.
You feelin' this baby?
Comin' straight though you.

Come back into my life now, who wants to be this madam,
What makes you think girl that I want you back? (want you back?)
What makes you think girl that I'd have you back? (have you back?)
All the shit and after you did to me,
seriously my girl, what the fuck was that?
And all the things you do to me, I'm telling you right now my dear,
you're wasting your time, I'm wasting mine too.

And I know you're trying to work your way around this thing,
trying to get me back, have me there right next to you.
What you want from me?
What you want from me?

Something's holdin' ooon,
And I don't know what it is right now,
but I know she wants me baaack.

'Cause everytime she tries to walk away,
something's holding ooooooooon,
And I don't know what it is right now,
but I know she wants me baaack.

'Cause everytime she tries to walk away,
something's holding ooooooooon,
And I don't know what it is right now,
but I know she wants me baaack.

I know she wants me baaaack,
And everytime I try to move on too,
I keep on stumblin' back on (back on) you.

Why am I feeling so left out
a low life, sitting my by self.
Like what was that? What the fuck?

You got all these places in town,
just left me home again, on my own again.
It's making me hate you so,
Like you got a new date to blow.

I hate you so, what you want from me?
You made your choice, you walked out on me.
Just left me there, I'm so close to you.
You're so close to me, and we're so close to see,
And how could you just walk away like that from me?

Like two months have gone, such a long time.
Now you're back again, you're back again.
Don't fuck with me. Don't play with me.
I'm sitting on the edge of my bed, so go light a candle, bitch.

How are you gonna handle this when I'm gone for good?
Fuck the world. Take a look around you, man.
I don't need this shit, I'm leaving soon.
What'cha gonna do now, girl?

So you can try to get me back into your wooorld. (Back into your world)
I've got so many more questions for you girl.
But I've already got the answers to them too.
So i'm gonna be asking them to you.

Cause some things never die.
It doesn't matter which way you go my dear,
You feel my love is all arooound. (love is all around)


They say that you're coming back to be a friend of mine,
sayin' you want to be this mate of mine,
it's gotta be a state of mind.

Not sure what to do no more,
Trying to understand, don't try to understand me girl.
Just feel the fire, feel the free.

Hear them jacking the words on the street.
Yeah, I know that you really miss this man.
What am I supposed to do in a situation like this, girl?

I like this girl.
Why's this girl keep fucking with my head?

Should I listen to my momma,
"keep moving on"?
My sister says do the same thing too.
I'm some witness of my own, nobody wants to know,
but I know the right thing to do is to keep on moving forward!

But these days are going by,
and I feel like they're rolling.
The only girl I'm feeling,
Is the one to keep my fingers grilling.

There's gotta be another,
another with a brother
who can take this situation......


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