Oh yeah,
Well, so it goes.
Yeah, so it goes.
Oh, That sweet heirloom;
Them abbey stones.
Yeah, Let's take a chance
And roll the bones.
Yeah, Go crash that car;
Unplug that phone.

Yeah, and sell your belongings;
All them clever drawings.
Yeah, Try to make a dollar from the grave(x2)

Yeah, but who's to blame?
ooh (x3)

Yeah, well so it goes.
Yeah, so it goes.
Oh, them city boys in country clothes.
Yeah, let's take a chance
Oh, and roll the bones!
yeah, go crash that car;
Unplug that phone.

yeah, and try to forget all them enemies and debts;
Yeah, they'll chase you around and give you sour dreams.(x2)

So it seems.

yeah, so you can struggle all you like.
Yeah, go put up the good fight.
They say that someday everybody dies alone (x2)

Oh, but, hey,
Who really knows?
Yeah, who really knows? (x3)

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    General CommentI think the message is pretty simple and he is telling us to take a chance and live life with risk, because in the end, we all die alone. And knowing that we die alone, we should live by our own standards, be ourselves, and do what we want to without hesitation. I fuckin dig this song. Hard.
    styrofoamlionson April 18, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI am putting this as my interpretation instead of song meaning because I may be way off base here. This song is obviously about working hard for something but I think it is more specific than that.  
    There is a type of person it is talking about: so it goes, them city boys in country clothes. Basically saying they're giving up city life in exchange for a more lax lifestyle in some aspect.
    These are men moving from urban to rural, but what changes come with this?
    Sell them belongings, all them clever drawings; the key in this is clever drawings, which could be thought of as planning, inventions, drafts created of the mind. but on another theme, losing attachment to items and as well letting go of dependence on the analytical part of our brain..

    The next part is where my interpretation reaches a stretch. Rolling bones, making a dollar from the grave, makes me think of the use of these terms to describe oil and fossil fuels.

    So I think that this song is basically commenting on the theme of men leaving the pursuit of intelligence and complexity for a life of hardworking and simplicity, maybe since that's where The money is or may be because there is a - for lack of a better word- humanely organic quality to it. Think highly stimulating city life vs working hard in the beating sun - or something to that effect.

    Agree, disagree?
    ChelonianWisdomon January 31, 2016   Link
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    Song MeaningIn the first verse the repetition of 'so it goes' infers some known order, perhaps like a prophecy of life that everyone is known to follow. Heirloom/abbey stones, heirlooms holding great sentimental value and abbey stones possibly referring to an abbey, like the religious buildings so family & religion, also history with the abbeys, all strong influential traits in life that are known to guide you, they’re what you find in that 'prophecy'. Then the writer metophroically says gamble it away, roll the bones and live life without the restrictions that come from the family & religion, live life with no inhibitions.

    In the second verse ‘clever drawings’ sticks out, could be maps or diagrams? connotations of jobs perhaps? its getting rid of the materialistic parts of life, the big house the fancy car the job, dont be restricted by this 'ideal' of life kind of like saying to reject the american dream (Shakey Graves being from Austin, Texas). Also the crash the car/unplug the phone is just more like living life recklessly and for fun.

    The third verse/line asks who can we blame for us living the way we do? what went 'wrong' in society that means we have to break free from this.

    The fourth verse mentions 'so it goes', the known prophecy order, this time a juxtaposition of country/city, theyre mismatching, people try to change their appearances to fit what others want to see
    again, after its gamble with that & live for yourself in the moment.

    The fifth verse suggests to distance yourself from your past troubles, as they will haunt and will stay with you unless you let them go.

    The sixth verse/line links to the fifth; everyone says your past haunts you etc.

    seventh verse; saying theres no point struggling against yourself or who you really are, we all die as ourselves so why deny yourself the chance to be yourself in life when thats what you’re gonna be the moment before you die
    And finally the eighth is just questioning life after death, do we really die alone? what happens after life? thats the one thing he cant tell you.
    RustyGuitaron January 17, 2017   Link

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