When it began
Lacking a goal
Ten years I ran
In hunt for a soul

Adhesive flame
Endless it seems
Intriguing shame
Too late to redeem

Everyone knows
Honest and brave
What lies too close
Something to save

Valley in sin
This valley I'm in

Where you are
My secret star

Moving away
Nowhere to run
No one can stay
Vanishing sun

Visibly frail
Easy to see
How to prevail

Still there it lies
In rivers thin
Down in disguise
In my valley within

Lyrics submitted by viniko, edited by KeeperOfKale

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    My InterpretationI love the distinct syncopated rhythm style and staccato use in their songs. Especially the drums in The Cloak. If you haven't checked Leprous out, do it. And then check out Devin Townsend.

    Anyways, I had to come here because this song has a haunting and enchanting quality to it. I've tried to put an image together in my head as to what this song means. So I came here to see if anyone had some interesting thoughts, but alas. So, with only vague lyrics this is what has come up in my mind.

    I think this person has developed some form of drug abuse or sexual deviancy/lust, whether for a specific person or some kind of 'intriguing' and 'shame'ful desire. It's not really clear. But what is clear is that he calls it his secret star, and feels stuck in a valley of sin.

    It seems the individual thought he could keep it a secret and kept it too close. But what is kept close in secrecy, especially involving desires, usually turns into an adhesive flame. He feels his secret star has made him nonredeemable.

    It sounds like despite his efforts to disguise his secret star it's easy to see that he struggles with it, and it may be pushing significant other(s) away, yet he can't leave it alone and it's stealing his joy. He has every reason to prevail over it, yet there it lies, in rivers thin, down in disguise, in his valley of sin.
    KeeperOfKaleon September 18, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI think @KeeperOfKale has offered a great interpretation. The only thing I would like to add is that the "sin" could be depression. I have read interviews from Leprous about this album and they agree it is quite dark in it's themes.

    So for me this song seems to be speaking of depression. Many people feel ashamed that they are depressed, suppress these emotions (hide them) and generally you feel like you are stuck (in a valley perhaps?)

    The secret star analogy to me is that guiding light out of the depression ... your salvation, that person or thing that brings you back. My personal interpretation based on my fights with depression anyway.
    sokornyon March 29, 2016   Link

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