Under the rug
Old shadows inside
Wait for their moment

They plan their surprise
A confetti supply
When I’m feeling feeble

I swear that it won’t happen again
There’s nobody else
I swear that it won't happen again

We’ve become lost
Shine lights in the past
No sign of a way out

Our cryptic love
With time it gets worse
It builds up behind us

I swear that it won’t happen again
There’s nobody else
I swear that it won’t happen again

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    General CommentTo me, this song is about a couple in a failing relationship, in which abuse is taking a growing role. When abuse happens, it's usually "swept under the rug" and not talked about - however, the entire time, the unconfronted problem is still waiting to manifest again ("under the rug old shadows wait for their moment"). The abusive tendencies only need a moment of weakness ("when I'm feeling feeble") to come out. Afterward, the main character is ridden with guilt and promises he won't do it again, because he has nobody else to love and be loved by.

    The second half of the song seems to talk about how the couple can't break up because they're fixating on how good their past was ("shine lights in the past, no sign of a way out") instead of facing the grimmer present reality. Even though their relationship is falling apart ("with time it gets worse"), neither of them is strong enough to escape it.
    mister care-too-muchon August 11, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationAs this song can be about anything, to me it's not about cheating or any form of abuse! :)

    It's simply about a relationship that failed due to reasons outside the lovers hands...

    Where memories remain "under the rug"...
    Where the love that they shared "won't happen again" & there is "nobody else" but the love they shared, no matter who comes and goes...

    All they've got is thoughts of the past, the light & joys of it...

    And as time goes by, their "cryptic love" that was theirs alone will tear them up from inside...

    These are ALL how I feel so I guess this beautiful song can touch you in any way you feel! :D
    Shiboo86on February 14, 2016   Link

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