I was born in September
and like everything else, I can't remember
I replace it with scenes from a film that I will never make

When I blinked it was over
I was thinking my life will get slower
That I will sort this shit out when I'm sober
It's even better now that you're older

I read the scares on the front page
It says we're waiting around for an ice age
It says our comforts they come with a price tag
They killed the cancer but discovered a new plague

They said just think of the children
and imagine the world that we've willed them
It's populated with weirdos to kill them
and break their hearts

And everybody knows
This is the end
It's now a fashionable dinner party conversation

Now I'm as old as you were when you had me
Should I be afraid? Should I start a family?
I'd raise them in the wild 'cuz up against the city
My love is such a small thing

When you're young you're hot
You have your whole life before you
Everyone will adore
You'll grow up, you'll be an astronaut
or anything you want.

What goes up goes up in flames
and now your choices surround you
and decision confounds you
and you're pacing around in place
Shows you everything you're not

And in a brief, little romance
you've committed a soul without its consent
Delivered life as a form without its content
because young people get bored everyday
yeah young people, young people get bored

Never went to church
thought a song was gonna save me
so I wrote a hymn on the guitar that you gave me
Singing what you spoke I built a fire with the smoke
You know that hope is just a small thing

I just called to tell you
I just called to say
Learned all your mistakes
You were my inspiration
And it wasn't all we hoped for
But we shake it off and we say
Here's your yellow ribbon
I am your consolation

I was born in September
and if I die today
just know I don't regret you
some things I can explain (like)
It's a slow descent
It's a lifeless place
Every god damned day

(and I know you know)
(no matter where you go)
(that I will follow)
(that I will follow)
(You are my only hope)
(It's not much, but it's all that I know)
(Here's how it goes)

I just called to tell you
I just called to say
Learned all your mistakes
Passed down through generations

Lyrics submitted by jbee, edited by btompkins, SimonZaius, chuydavilajr

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    My OpinionCANT BELIEVE NO ONE HAS EVEN LEFT A COMMENT. Honestly I love this song, not only because obvvviooouuusssly it's an awesome.... But also its message is probably relatable for many people like me.

    To me the song is about a reflection of where he comes from, his family and family members he grew up. Thinking about then, he looks at the NOW and if he became someone he wanted to be like.

    In other words, it's about how all that he wanted to be and who wanted to be like is the person he is today. I don't think he wants to change, unless he isn't what he wanted to be.

    People please listen to this song cause it's like basically my life story and u never know if you may say the same!

    Have a good day and night and life!!!!
    JOcro2014on March 14, 2015   Link
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    General CommentFor me, it's like a conversation between three generations. Like a guy that talks to his father and his child, contemplating all the changes and the similarities between the generations. Past, present and future all amalgamated in one subjectivity, like a never ending cycle that repeats itself, with little details to differentiate between one and the other.
    Ana1on April 24, 2015   Link

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