"Another Is Waiting" as written by and Scott Yancey Avett Robert William Crawford....
It's a fake, it's a hoax
It's a nowhere road where no one goes
Anywhere, anyhow
Well you're following your heart rate down

She's a rose, she's a queen
But she's staring at a magazine
In the dark, on that path
Where they doctor every photograph

Another is waiting
She isn't saying anything

If you care, if you like
Well, I'm standing in the lantern light
With our weapons and our love
And I use them both to cover up

Another is waiting
She isn't saying anything

But I love you and I care
So you've got to get off that conveyor belt
If I could
I would come right in and take you off myself

It's a fake, it's a con
The nature of the road you're on
Let me see your skeleton
Well before your life is done

[Chorus: x2]
Another is waiting
She isn't saying anything

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"Another Is Waiting" as written by Scott Yancey Avett Robert William Crawford


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    My InterpretationI feel like this song is someone talking to a guys who's hopelessly in love with a girl who's driving herself down and pulling down the guy with it. I feel like her problem is that she is anorexic and/or wants be be a model so badly she starves herself. Lines like "where they doctor every photograph" and "let me see your skeleton" really make me think that. She's headed down a road where she thinks she'll find happiness, but instead she's killing herself. Also, the line "She's a rose, she's a queen/But she's staring at a magazine" shows her longing to become a model or to look her version of "pretty".
    Terribletwoson October 22, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI'm pretty sure it's "Let's me see your Skeleton", As in the person is on a road that's gonna be the end of them if they don't get off of it.

    Great song.
    NathanScotton August 23, 2013   Link
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    General CommentCan't help but think this is about Jennifer Carpenter (Seth's new girlfriend) and the path of celebrity. "Another is waiting" to take your place in the fame game and basically this sounds like he wants to be the solution for her to move away from that path. It could also be deeper in terms of the Avett's rising fame. I think this album in particular is a clash back away from the spotlight, compared to "The Carpenter" being full of very produced mainstream radio songs and this one being more intimate and true to themselves.
    Andrewch7on November 26, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI really enjoyed the line about the "conveyor belt". It's such a good metaphor for how bland and generic most Hollywood women look.
    zeeshineon January 17, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I saw the video, I thought I knew what they were saying. That this "rose, queen" of a woman was concerned with superficial beauty and she was going down a path to destruction. Yeah, I can see that. But then there's that line they keep repeating in the chorus, "Another is waiting, she isn't saying anything" and whenever you see that in a song, it holds importance.

    Okay, and I just kept singing it in my head but wondering what the heck that could mean. The above interpretation and what they want you to perceive in the video just seemed a little conceived and trite for how deep and poetic the Avett's writings really were. I don't think that it's just another wannabe celebrity in the waiting room their talking about. Then I found out about the affair and it makes so much more sense! Jennifer Carpenter was silent for the longest time about her and Seth's affair even though she was wrecking his home unbeknownst to the public and their closest friends.

    What if for a change people in the music business were able to be strong and value their marriages? I guess Scott did, good for him.
    shesh541on December 20, 2013   Link

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