When I was a boy, I collected old coins
I never knew which word to use
Patina, or verdigris
Who wants to talk about copper carbonates?
Did you happen to catch that new show on prison inmates?
I had this really sophomoric idea that maybe it's a meta-commentary on the viewer
And we, you know, you and I are actually the prisoners
I didn't think that would impress you

I can rebuild castle Grayskull from a pile of dirty laundry
Pretty sure that'll keep those pesky demons from haunting me
I am the logical conclusion of the Reading Rainbow generation
Maybe I'm LeVar Burton
How can anyone be certain that they're not LeVar Burton
I rep those four eyes like Geordi La Forge
I swallowed a gorge of anguish
Then I painted portraits which undersold on Craigslist
I've never begged for my life
I've never used my last wish
I've never been an ass kiss
I've broken my fair share of mattresses
By jumping on them, doing back flips on them
And pretending they were trampolines
I'm a nasty rapper, and I'll pop your spleen
Make sure my casket's clean
These bastards rocking lean
And their pockets are stained with Aspercreme
While I'm in the back learning basket weave
With Aquaman
They sent postdated facsimiles of their hot demands
I am the type of nigga to blind you with pocket sand
The papyrus scroll will rot on my refrigerator door
They say I snore but I am dreaming of nice things
Like a black Pegasus with lightning wings
They say I snore but I am dreaming of nice things
Like a black Pegasus with lightning wings

This is the almond milk paradise
This is the almond milk paradise
This is the almond milk paradise
No way

Blast it all
If I die, who will collect all of the remaining dragon balls
You're a bad dude with those rad tattoos
I remember your bible camp snafu
I'm an infinitely more handsome Dhalsim
You should sniff my ball skin
Some days I rap like Latyrx
Some days I rap like Rick Ross and them
Used to carry a moleskin with no sketches
When the pigs bolted in I was playing Tetris
My whole tribe feasts on rice and beans
I'll be in the library with the bummy jeans
Bummy face, bummy watch
Bummy rap style that you found on blogspot
Scribbling hegemonic ruminations
I need to eat more veggie bacon
This is not a country for old heads
My pants are weaved of gold thread
And my pockets are silk
Find a kid getting sloppy drinking chocolate almond milk
Don't listen to music that's hard copy
I'm scrubbing my palms of guilt
Praying your fauna wilt
And your mom will memorialize your pet dog with a quilt
Maybe if I learned to sing raspy like Gonjasufi
I wouldn't always feel so fucking poopy

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