And I've been losing my mind since I was born into this dark world
And I don't believe in anything 'cause I can't forget the things I've seen.
But the only thing left worth fighting for is the innocence in you
And I'd rather die before I see it disappear.

When winds carry us by compass rose
Not even her arms feel like home
Nailed to a broken dream
There's no place for me

So if you're gonna stay, then how long would you wait for me,
Before your love begins to fade?
I just can't spend all of my days in this place wasting away.
So don't forget me when I'm gone, I promise I won't be long.
Maybe carrying all these burdens will teach us to be strong
Will teach us to be strong.

None shall pass
I will pay for this
Nailed to a broken dream
There's no place for me

No security
Crown or comfort
Shackled to a bed of thorns
The water's at your throat
To get burned when you've been warned

And the last of my sanity is slipping slowly from me,
I just can't sit still, I just can't fucking breathe.
And I'm chasing something but I don't know what it is
But it just won't let go.

So if I lose control, then how long would you wait for me,
To find my way around these walls?
My mind's a maze I'm stranded in, my bones might rot where I fall.
Is this air laced with Novocaine, 'cause I don't feel anything at all.
If I can't have you and I can't find truth, then what's the point of waking up?
What's the point of waking up?

And if I could have another chance, I wouldn't change a single thing.
I'd run like hell and not look back as the world burns down behind me.
And I would swear to change it all, I wouldn't let them push me to my knees.
I would fight like an animal.
I wouldn't do a thing differently.

Carry me away from here and teach me to be strong
This is my own escape
It's not where we were promised to be
I'd rather light a candle than curse your darkness

There's no place for me
Pull me away from,
Pull me away from here

So if you're gonna' stay, then how long would you wait for me,
Before your love begins to fade?
I wish that part of me believed that I'm gonna come home someday.
Is there purpose without meaning?
Is there a life that's worth living?
Is there a chance to change things or have we really ruined everything?

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