"Aeons" as written by Ian Lewis Kenny, Mark Daniel Hosking, Andrew Francis Goddard, Jonathan Peter Stockman and Stephen Charles Judd....
I think there's a pulse
But I don't remember feeling
Anything close to this
And I don't know if it's worthwhile
But I hope so
'Cause I don't feel so well
No I don't feel so well

I've gotta keep a grip on this
But the rising tide could still
Pull us underneath
And leave us to the ocean
Either way
I'm starting to feel like something's wrong with this poison
'Cause in my veins it's burning

And I hope you hold a place for us
Far enough away
From all the flames they like to tell us burn
And I hope you hold a way for us
But I don't really know you
I don't really know you...

Why the hell did I seek the truth?
Of all I see in its reflection
But part of me regrets it
And I just wanted to see
Now it's clear
We're alone in this

It's your funeral, it's your dying day
So make amends
For the end will leave us nothing
It's your funeral, it's your dying day
So make amends, one last stand
Then leave with nothing!

When I breathe again,
Will my lungs fill with fire?
When I breathe again, I hope it's ok
Will I see again?
When the smoke clears, who will still remain?
When I see again, I hope it's ok...

Chemical fires will signal we're dead
Chemical fires will signal we're dead

Chemical fires will signal we're dead and gone
Chemical fires will signal we're dead and gone

Chemical fires will signal we're
Chemical fires will signal we're

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"Aeons" as written by Ian Kenny Andrew Goddard

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    My InterpretationSeems pretty clear that it's about someone searching for meaning in the universe and specifically the afterlife, coming to the conclusion that there is no higher power or continuation after death.

    Given what so many like to preach, that Hell awaits those that don't believe, there seems to be a dialogue held with a hypothetical God, if indeed he actually exists and the character was wrong. The singer sings of his hope that if he was wrong, that this God would see better of punishing honest disbelief, and would hold a place away from the fires for him.

    The song then repeats both of these ideas in this order. Make amends before you die, make one last stand, then leave with nothing. Then, wonders that if he does breathe again after death, will it be in smoke and fire? He hopes not.
    bushpusherron July 24, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI would say that the person is wishing for an afterlife and a god, but he can't force himself to believe it. He is nervous about being wrong, about choosing the wrong belief, but he also doesn't want to be right, because it means this life is the end. By seeking the truth, he realized that he has lost his belief and his sense of security, and hope, and the force of it is too much to reconcile.
    endorphinrushon August 11, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI think "I" and "we" refer to himself and people whereas "you" refers to a concept of God. "I hope you hold a place for us" is his desire for there to be a god and a purpose, and "it's your funeral" is telling his notion of god that he no longer exists. This is the same feeling as I get in New Day - that he's waking up and his former beliefs are history.
    dinoflatulateon October 03, 2013   Link
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    General CommentIsn't it about his guilt/doubt in abandoning god and (particularly) the idea of heaven?

    First two verses are basically creating the sense of unease/dissatisfaction/unhappiness.
    Third verse begins with the hope that god can make it all better, but finishes by directly doubting god.

    Fourth verse is lamenting his new-found awareness [VERY common Karnivool theme].

    Fifth is cutting free - essentially "You know what? I'm done! I'm letting go of the whole notion of heaven".

    Then there's a return of some self-doubt, before the song ends with a definant/indifferent mantra of "when its over, its over".
    NATE808on January 25, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with the previous interpretations, but I think at the end he's actually talking to the god he's realized doesn't exist that it's god is dead and it's time drop the baggage of that god. He then wonders what will be left when he has shed all of the baggage of his former belief, anxious about life in this new godless world. I think this is very much the same theme as leaving behind the religious stuff in New Day.
    dinoflatulateon October 29, 2014   Link

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