Hey I've got a plan, let me tell it to ya
You say your'e out with your friends? I can see right through ya
I'll just frown, give me pity maaaaaaan.
You'll stay with me forever - that's the plan.

Tell all your friends, you know I'm the one for you
That I'm a star, when i'm around you don't know what to do
Just say, you know i'm not real insane
I'm in the rain, watch you change, ain't that strange
where you at? who you with? what's the deal?
25 texts to let you know how I feel
I'm at our wedding and i'm waiting on you
Rest in peace to your ex, now it's time for your next, okay
We've got it made, love's growin and it won't stop
Future looks good, despite the baggage you brought
First day we met, I've got it on replay
You were the drive-thru voice at the local Chick-Fil-A
Me, your Mom and your old man we're out bowling
Bonding with yo 'rents, they say I'm not that controlling
Stop talkin bout that other girl, you don't need her
Stop looking at her right now, don't be a cheater
Ohh, took her to dinner, man?
You just took her to dinner?
Tell her you didn't mean it and I'll call you a winner
I mean she is your past
And your life is better now
Just take one look at us and you'll know how

Now you wanna go though?
Packin' up your polo's?
It's okay to be crazy: that's the motto, baby LOCO
We'll be together everyday, everyday, everyday
Like we'll be in love forever, boy, listen to what I say
Everyday, everyday, and you'll like it that way
Can't think straight 'cause our love is so great
Hey, hubby, what's up?

Four, kids, they'll be nice
Barthalomew, Clarence, Steve, and Bryce
Raise 'em our whole lives together
24/7 despite any kinda weather
You'll be mine, you'll never switch
The only woman you need, don't bother my twitch
Just one week together, and we'll be gettin hitched
I'll be like Harry Potter and you'll be my golden snitch
Now let's pick out, my gown
Say forever don't back down
Thank Cupid, for all he did
Put our love on lock, then closed the lid
Now call me honey, and just chill here at home while I go make the money
Funny how I'm hooked on you like phonics
Got me so deep in love that I don't use logic
Oh, look, your phone just rung
Tweet, tweet, tweet - about how you're sprung
Oh my god, Becky.... who's becky?!

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