I was wrong and you were cold
I was hoping you might go
You would never show me how
Much you cared of what was going on

I follow you
Pretend you want me to
Living a test
Locked up with you
I know you trust me enough
Then i do stupid things
The things i always do
This time with you
Our love is new

It's been too long since you are gone
I am thinking of you alone
You would never show me how
Much you scared of what was going on

I follow you
Pretend you need me to
Living a test
Locked up with you
I know you trust me enough
But i do stupid things
The things i always do
This time with you
Our love is new

I need someone to be close forever

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    General CommentThis song make me think about the first steps of falling in love with a person. That stage in which you sort of know them already, you know you're falling fast and hard, but you're still not sure if your feelings are reciprocated and you're still counting everything this person do or say as a sign of something.

    It is a bittersweet feeling. At times you feel like everything is clicking and you're going to the right direction, but at times it just seems you're doing everything wrong, so you just sit there feeling both happy and sad at the same time.

    You still want to see what will happen, so you just hope they want you the same way and go through with it.
    jbvsbrulezon October 12, 2017   Link
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    General CommentWhen she says "I was wrong and you were cold/ I was hoping you might go/ You would never show me how much you cared of what was going on" I think she's describing how it was when she felt very much in love and the loved one never seemed to feel the same way. Now she sees that she was kinda wrong and the person who she loves was only "cold" (or was not showing all that love to her). She felt it was not reciprocated so she kinda hoped this person would go away. Then she says "I follow you/ pretend you want me to" She might be saying that right know she knows she "follows" that person and even now when she says "pretend" I think it might be just a reflexion of that insecurity. Like, she knows but she doesn't know at the same time. She only knows her love for this person and kinda think it is reciprocated but since "things aren't always what they seem to be", she doesn't know if she's right to feel and to believe in what she feels and believe.

    When she says "Living a test/ Locked up with you" it's like she is very close to this person, like a "test" you know? Like if this closeness can prove if what she feels and imagines is trustable. And then she feels like she screws that up, doing the "stupid things" maybe the things she does stemmed from fear/insecurity. Even though she knows this person "trusts her enough".

    But anyways, this time<< their love is new. It's not the same. It grew. (maybe not in intensity but it "grew" somehow, it "evolved")

    This other part I don't really know what to think "its been to long since you are gone" but it may as well just be something simple. Like, maybe this person is not reaaally gone. Or I don't know, he/she is "gone" somehow and she is missing her/him now that she sees another
    version of what things were (like she described in the beginning). She says "its been to long" so I don't know. It might be like an exaggeration. Or thats whats happening. This person is gone.

    And anyways, she imagines this person alone, away. She's not there, even though she wants to be. She's maybe only missing this person.

    And again, she says how it was not clear how it was for this person.

    And I find the ending of this song really beautiful. She just says everything in a very "simple" way, she's very sincere, very honest. It is very real.

    "I need someone
    To be close forever
    When at night my own demons
    Sneak under my pillow"

    She "needs" something that she can be sure she's not fooling herself. Something more solid. More trustable. Something that stays even in hard times, and that she knows it will be there with her "when at night my own demons sneak under my pillow". She wishes this person was like that. She wishes he/she wouldn't have gone away. Or just wishes she/he will stay. Even if her demons try to take this person away.

    "Not someone
    That comes and goes wherever"

    There. :(

    "I need you here
    Stay and show me your love"

    Thats her wish.

    "I just need you
    I don't want to
    You don't need me
    I just want you"

    Then when the voices are saying those lines I just think it represents the voices in her head. Truth is: she "needs" this person but she wishes she didn't, since this person probably do not "need" her the same way. But that is it. She loves and is not denying it. She wants this person. Even things are the way they are.
    revira1062on February 03, 2018   Link
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    General CommentTypical love song.
    Emile95on December 06, 2013   Link

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