"A Moat You Can Stand In" as written by and Michael Noga Fiona Lee Kitchin....
they'll slap you on the face with their glove
they'll dip you in the pitcher of their bloodshot love
look at 'em, standing staid in their ridiculous robes
while i stand in your moat

have you ever thought that all their distain
was just a saucer eyed child shrinking from the food chain?
all their disapproving good friday fixed grins
were effortlessly wrong about most everything

time where i'm from lumbers on
the guilty ain't got no idea that they're time will come
they're sinners, they're saints and they state which in boasts
you can stand in their moat
i can stand in your moat

they're ranting and raving, how bad can things get
man the sideshow's always louder than the main event
more ambitious than a virgin newly widowed
duty bound as a tourist in Rome

the prosecution's trebling and the padre's backpedaling
but a rest just seems more likely than a stint
while back at Free Market Mint the atom smashers warp the press
but can't confess to anyone downwind

'cause they're sleepwalking tall, rich or poor
from silk broadsheets down to tabloid floors
and they'll be up in their keep making toasts to some creep
while i'm stripping down to my smalls
i can stand in your moat

new research proves that it's fair
to see insults as nothing but snares
history has shown life is short then you die
i'm arse deep in their moat once i find the time

it's cold on the outside they say
but the cold keeps you clear while the heat leaves a haze
they should take a cool dip in the shade of their walls
with the lily pads tickling their face

bad good luck caught them unaware
there ain't no immortality there
yet i squint from my lunch to the metal screech and sun
of the street and i'm lighter than air
i can stand in your moat

nothing needs reforming more than anyone else
they'll tell you while they conjure your plight
all of them old men just line their pockets with fear
then make you greedy when your money gets tight

but if their brains were a gut it'd sound like a swamp
being so starved and bereft of a song
and when the quick fox of reason gets into their brunch
thou doth protest way too fucking much

don't let 'em abuse you, don't let 'em use you
like a saddle for their high high horse
if life means more to you than a grave with a view
then it probably means you're on course
and you know
you can stand in their moat
i can stand in your moat.

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