Get on your knees in the fire
You can leave it
All in your mind
It is all in your mind
It is

Call in the backseat a friend
It is really all in your mind
It is all in your mind

You look so tired of living like a kite
kite, kite, kite

Look at all the trees in your mind
That are growing all in your mind
It is all in your mind
It is

Look at all the leaves in the fire
That you're burning all in your mind
It is all in your mind
It is

You look so tired of living like a kite
kite, kite, kite

Get on your knees in the fire
You can leave it all in your mind
It is all in your mind
It is

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    My InterpretationThis song relly deserves some comments already!

    Is this "kite" word about being unsocial or having this kind of behaviour?
    If so then "it's all in your mind" can be a way to say that this person is always locked in his own world and not letting anything out or opening to anyone.
    Kadwayon January 29, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationI love this song. Really upbeat and driving. It has a sense of urgency, in the music, and in the lead singer's voice. As for my own personal interpretation, I'll give it a go!

    There is quite a large quantity of references to our tall, leafy friends. Leaves, fire, trees, all in the protagonist's mind. Heck, even "leaving" can be a tiny double-entendre. "Like a kite" has to do with wind as well physical or metaphorical. So this song is very nature-y. Another reason it's a fantastic song. We also know kites are somewhat opposites of trees when it comes to being rooted. Kites can go anywhere while trees are constrained to one spot.

    The biggest lines in the song are “Get on your knees in the fire, You can leave it”, “Call in the backseat a friend”, and “Look at all the trees in your mind, That are growing all in your mind”, “Look at all the leaves in the fire, That you're burning all in your mind”, and “You look so tired of living like a kite, kite, kite, kite”.

    And, of course, “it’s all in your mind”.

    The contradictory burning leaves (decay) and growing trees (growth) represent bipolarity between staying in one spot and leaving. I think the author of this piece really wants to emphasize an individual who is struggling with finding a spot to “root”. He has trouble finding a destination and staying for more than one season (fall). The trees drop leaves, the leaves decay, he burns the leaves, and flies away like a kite, kite, kite. But he is getting tired of it. The narrator is telling the protagonist that it is all in his mind. He tells the protagonist that there are trees growing right where you are burning the leaves. The narrator is telling the protagonist to stop viewing circumstances in a negative light.

    So why called “Open Season”? I definitely think it has to do with fall and leaves, and maybe open refers to being open to relocating.

    Welp, all this being said, it could be 100% wrong.

    Happy interpreting,

    RiceTongson March 04, 2014   Link
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    General CommentAfter reading all of these comments, it's very obvious how great this song is. Not many songs can be made and make many people all feels a different way about it. That's art. This music is art.
    One person found it uplifting and upbeat, one thought it was about execution, one linked it to anxiety, and one thought it was about sexuality.
    Personally, it's part of my soft/sad song playlist because that's that vibe I get from it. It's soothing. But as mentioned by someone else, we all interpret songs based on out own experiences, and that's 100% the truth. Beautiful stuff.
    erikrgon February 28, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe the song is about someone struggling with depression. First of all, the general mood of the song isn't exactly uplifting. The vocalist sounds almost broken and... tired. They are tired of life and the depression they has to deal with. The lyric "You look so tired of living like a kite" proves this.

    In my opinion, the line "living like a kite" doesn't represent floating; in fact, it's quite the opposite. The protagonist is tired of being tied down when they fight to roam, much like a kite. They're being held down by their depression, and wish to be cut loose. Whether being cut loose means being "cured" of their sadness, or ending their life is unknown.

    Lastly, the song mentions several times how "it's all in your mind". This is constantly told to the protagonist, to the point that they remind themselves of it constantly. Despite this, the words have little meaning to them and instead of comforting the protagonist of the possibility of getting better, the words belittle them and remind them that they are being defeated by their own mind.

    Off subject, but I love reading these comments and seeing everyone's interpretation of the song! Everyone obviously connected to it somehow, and I love it when people connect to music and try to relate to it.

    Also, it's nearly 1 am and what the hell am I doing on this website.
    coolishdudeon May 17, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it's about someone who's tired of drifting and who wants to finally stay grounded. They're tired of not being able to stay in one place, mentally or physically. I would assume mentally, as the song repeatedly says, "It's all in your mind," in some way or another.

    I may be interpreting this all wrong, but alas, it is just an interpretation.

    Enjoy your day, lovelies!~ <3 ≧'◡'≦ xx
    bunni3on August 08, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI personally imagined this song to represent an execution in which the perpetrator or someone close to him/her is trying to block out the thoughts of what is about to happen.
    "Crawl on your knees" seems like a very vulnerable pose. It could be an execution by beheading or even burning at the steak with the part about fire.
    "Look at all the trees in your mind" would be a sort of happy place to block out the thoughts of what is about to happen.
    The whole kite part I'm not sure about, maybe its a take on this persons personality, always used to being free like a kite.
    I haven't heard this as an interpretation for this song yet but it just kind of gave me a sad/dreary feel while i listened to it.
    nasthia823on August 11, 2014   Link
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    General CommentTo me, from a person who has diagnosed anxiety; this song is about how every little negative shadow; is in your mind. That all this sadness and feeling trapped sensation is in your mind. I believe this song is about someone learning to let go of their past or worries. Or however to let go of something that means or did mean so much to them. I feel that when it said "tired of living like a kite" that it meant , someone trying to fit in and they cant seem to keep there feet on the ground. That there isnt a happy medium; that there either trapped or free, in curiosity.
    summerisonfireon March 12, 2015   Link
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    General Commenti think its more about her trapping her mind in her own body. while her body floats through the days one after another, she roots down her mind and set her thoughts on fire. her body soars through the days, while her mind wants to make something of her life. she is tired of it and its setting her mind to flames. she is, essentially, a prisoner of her own body.

    just my take on the song. i love it, its so calming and he makes me feel as though hes talking to me on a personal level.
    mad1s0non June 17, 2015   Link
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    General CommentWe all interpret songs based on our lives and this song is really in the middle. You can make it mean whatever you want.

    I personally think this song is about a girl who is not sure in her sexuality. Everything is growing inside her head, all her thoughts and fantasies.. She wants to either make it stop or leave it all in her mind.. She feels like she's constantly floating and she wants to ground herself. She's "Tired of living like a kite". She want's to be sure in herself.

    Well, that's just what i think...but like I said, for this song everyone can have their own interpretation I just hope it's not this 'sad' like mine hahahah :P
    dorisjankovic7on September 28, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationIt is really interesting how there are so many different interpretations, this is what makes music great. Welp, here goes mine I guess:
    At the start of the song I think he is indicating about surrendering to everyday life and just letting go, by letting go I mean going through the rest of your life with this numbness (knees in the fire - letting go, leaving it - accepting that life is that way). Then he goes on talking about how it is all in his mind (it is consuming him, occupying his mind). He says he/we are tired of living this way (this way - thinking about life, about the number of difficulties, decisions etc, so you are basically questioning the meaning of life THAT way, which of course makes you exhausted). Then he talks about trees which (imo) represent all the good things which start to grow, they do exist, they are present, but when you start questioning them (living like a kite) you burn them and just go back to being tired. I imagine a kite being led by someone, it can't go on his own (connected with a piece of thread or smtn), we are also led by these thoughts which consume our mind and burn our "trees". Of course at the end of the song he, again, reminds us that we should let go and simply let our whole body go into flames (surrender to numbness).
    The message seems kind of depressive, but it's not, in my opinion he is trying to help us.
    Johann092on January 03, 2017   Link

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