"Cookie Thumper" as written by Watkin Jones, Anri Du Toit and Justin De Nobrega....
There once was a little girl
Who had a crush on a bad, bad boy
But when that bad boy got out of prison
That little girl's ass was in big, big trouble

Daai bra Anies, hy's n fokken gam bra (That boy Anies, he's a fucking ghetto boy)
Haai! Daai Anies, hy lam innie mang ja (Hey! That Anies, he chills in jail)
'Ken sy my nommer? (Does she know my number?)
Xha, boy what's your number?
Twee ses, twee sewe? Of is n ag bra? (26, 27? Or are you a 28?)

Throw them devilish gang signs in the the air
Start giving it up for little evil me
My fingers are green 'cuz I'm a mean dope fiend
I'm wicked like mad d-o-g
Fresh like a little dark g-o-d
Yo-landi Vi$$er got the hypest flow
Start talking in tongues whenever I get stoned
Motherfuckin' minds get blown evertime I rap into the microphone
My Zef accent is very foreign
When I speak overseas they go, "I beg your pardon?"
You can get me like Eric Cartman
Naughty little kitty go meow
Yes daddy
I'm a big girl now
Jas little devil make your dick go wow
Chyeah, boy, Yo-landi Vi$$er is hot stuff

Daai bra Anies hy's n fokken gangsta
Haai! Daai bra Anies hy lam innie mang ja
'Ken sy my nommer?
Xha, boy what's your number?
Twee ses, twee sewe? Of is jy n ag bra?

Daai bra Anies, hy droom innie mang ja (That boy Anies, he's dreaming in jail)
Van my punani, ja jys lekker jas bra (Dreaming of my punani, yeah you heavy, horny boy)
Vinger in jou hol in, nxa. Haal uit die ganja (Finger in your ass, nice. Bring out the weed you smuggled)
Ja pakkie zol in; klap soos n rasta (You roll it up, light it up, hit it like a rasta)

I rhyme tight. Tight tight tight!
Spark moshpit shit 'cuz I rhyme so hype
Put me in front of someone I don't like
I go punch, kick, bite! Fight!
I'm cray-cray like ODB
Yo-landi down with OPP
I smell lovely 'cuz I don't eat meat
Too much bubbly and I go pee-pee
Look out, here I come, little evil me
I got a itchy little need for speed
Rap on the bear like a high-speed chase song
I gooi rooi. No motherfuckin' breaks on
All these pop songs sound like the same song
I burn them
Ya motherfucka flame on
Bow down to her motherfuckin' majesty
No rapper out there as bad as me

Sny jou koekie (Cut your cake)
Sny-sny jou snoekie cookie (Cut-cut your fishy cake)

Cut it, cut it
Hey kitty kitty
Cut it, cut it
Hey kitty kitty

Daai bra Anies, hy's n fokken gam bra
Haai, daai Anies, hy lam innie mang ja
'Ken sy my nommer?
Xha, boy what's your number?

Daai bra Anies, hy's a fokken gangsta
Daai bra Anies, hy's vars uitie mang ja (That boy Anies, he's fresh out of jail)
Wys hom punani, waars jou Cookie Thumper? (Show him punani, where's your Cookie Thumper?)
Gee hom punani, maar hy soekie bum bra (Give him punani, but he wants my bum)

Daai bra Anies, hy's a fokken rou bra (That boy Anies, he's a fucking raw boy)
Ek blom met Anies lekker oppie sofa (I sit with Anies on the sofa)
He love Yo-landi 'cuz I'm blonde all over
Maar yoh!... Daai Anies hy hou van my boude! (But sheeze... That Anies, he really loves my bum!)

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    General CommentFor those of you who don't know, the 26's, 27's, and 28's are different factions of the Numbers Gang, which is the most powerful gang in South African prisons. They're extremely violent and brutal, and they have their own legends and language associated with them. It's like a cult. If you go to prison in South Africa, you either join and then are forced to murder people, or you don't join and then get raped repeatedly.

    So I watched the music video, and at the beginning Anies says that the 26's and 27's operate during the day, and the 28's operate at night. So Yolandi obviously wants to have sex with Anies, so I think when she asks if he's a 28, even though he said that he's not at the beginning of the video, she's just asking for sex.

    Also, like I said, there's a lot of buttsex in South African prisons. Anies just got out of prison, so I think this is why he wants Yolandi's butt. This doesn't actually fit with the real actions of the gangs (as far as I know, the 26's and 27's don't allow men to have sex with each other), but maybe they're just making a weird joke and hoping people will look past that detail.

    Also, just curiously, is the word "xha" Xhosa?
    RadkeMaidenon February 01, 2014   Link

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