Yo, woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning dogg
And I still ain't signed
So you know what?
Everybody gon' feel it today
Cuz I was told if you want respect
You go up to the biggest muthafucka on the block
And you knock his ass out
And that's what I'm bout to do

Yo, fuck the whole industry and everybody in it
I'm pissed now so alot of cats is bout to get offended
I done tried to be nice but this whole game is bogus
So I'ma start dissin niggas until I get noticed
I'm aimin for the top cuz that's where I'm headed
Yo fuck that nigga Hov and you can tell him I said it
Matter of fact, fuck the Roc and I meant it
I'll bring you outta retirement just to put yo' ass back in it
Even Dame know you lost yo' niche
Since Beyonce been suckin yo' dick
You done got soft as a bitch
You probably ????, you lost and whipped
Put out a APB, Jada lost his dick
I'm doin this just because, I ain't Nas, dude
As far as I'm concerned he need panties and bras, too
Tell him they shootin, I hope he can dodge one
You God's son? Well I'ma make you see God, son
You losin' ya focus, stay sharp nigga
Fuck you, Jungle, and the rest of them Gayheart niggas
Yo 50, I heard ya shit was bomb and gun proof
But fuck it, I'ma throw a grenade through the sun roof
I see ya pimpin ya game like a nigga should do
If I was you, I'da fucked Vivica, too
Ya shit blew not because of ya rhymes
Because in every interview you kept sayin "I got shot 9 times"
And them G-Unit cats is a joke
How you gonna teach me how to stunt when all y'all muthafuckas is cunts
Let's be clear
None of y'all cats would even be here if it wasn't for Em
Matter of fact, fuck him
You say your moms is crazy?
That ain't hard to see
Look at your rhymes, the fruit don't fall far from the tree
You as crazy as that bitch is
And I ain't sayin you wack, but D-12?
That whole fuckin click is
Now cats be like "Did he say what I just think he did?"
Who is this cat and who the fuck does he think he is??
I'm Big Sty and I ain't hard to find
I'ma keep doin this shit until my ass get signed
So let's get it on, if it's on it's on
Y'all cats ready for war, then let it be known
Who am I? Big Sty muthafucka
Do or die, south side muthafucka

It ain't just for rappers, it's all industry heads
To that faggot up at Bad Boy, what up Sean pres
Fuck you too cuz ain't shit sweet
Had me spittin for an hour over the same wack ass beat
And I ain't sayin I'm the man, but damn
You go and sign Loon and Da Band? Oh man
Y'all niggas is reachin for shit, what the fuck is you thinkin
Somebody need to tell Ja Rule to stick to singin
That Clap Back shit is manure
Stick to doin love songs for the little TRL viewers
And I hope you don't like it
Just bring it to my face, kid
I'll make you quit rappin, find God like Mase did
I'm only comin for big dogs, that's fo' sho'
I ain't gonna diss D-Block til they get more dough
Puffy ain't wanna sign me, he wasn't seein a vision
But Bad Boy ain't been hot since Shyne went under in prison
They ain't been hot since Mase was gettin religion
Let's be real, they ain't been hot since Biggie was livin
These cats keep shootin and missin
And I don't think nobody's payin attention to what these fools is spittin
Am I the only one listenin? The game is deaf
I feel like I'm the only real emcee left
And I done been in this studio and made hot songs
I been doin this for too long and I still ain't on
And right I'm so desperate to live the good life
I feel like goin to LA, yellin "Fuck Suge Knight!"
I'ma start sendin death threats to all A&Rs
Until they start signin cats that spit better bars
Matter of fact, fuck it, I'm loadin up the guns
Aimin' 'em at Clear Channel and Radio One
Cuz I done had it up to here with these niggas shuttin me out
When I know I'm hotter than half of these muthafuckas is out
You can call me a hata, cuz I just might be
But it's a million other cats who feel just like me
So fuck Nelly and Chingy, fuck Luda and Missy
Fuck Pharell, fuck Busta, Justin, and Britney
I'm doin this for cats that's gritty
I'm takin out the industry and got the whole underground with me
Cuz after all I been through
I feel like diggin up Biggie and Pac and sayin fuck them too

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