"End Of The Beginning" as written by and Tony Iommi John Osbourne....
Is this the end of the beginning?
Or the beginning of the end?
Losing control or are you winning?
Is your life real or just pretend?

Reanimation of the sequence
Rewinds the future to the past
To find the source of the solution
The system has to be repaired

Release your mind
Fast forward to the secrets of your soul
Your life's on overload
Is this your fate?

Will you decide what makes you an entity
That's your identity
Well if you don't know
Which way to go

You might be lost and confused
A second chance no time to lose

Reanimation of your cyber sonic soul
Transforming time and space beyond control
Rise up and resist to be the master of your fate
Don't look back before today- tomorrow is too late

You don't want to be a robot ghost
Occupied inside a human host
Analyzed and cloned relentlessly
Synthesized until they set you free

Alright-okay, alright
Till they set you free
Till they set you free

I don't want to see you, yeah
I don't want to see you, yeah

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"End of the Beginning" as written by Tony Iommi Terence Butler


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    General CommentLove this Sabbath song. To me its meaning is simple.....be free, master of your fate, live for today, and don't let the world or your society or social groups hold you back. Live free in your mind and spirit and find what's really important to your life.

    Its just a typically rebellious message but not cloaked in negatively or violence or rebellion. Its positive just saying take charge of your life, don't let "the man" or society or corporations enslave you to their ideologies. Think for yourself and be free. But also find out what your real identity is separate from all that. I think knowing how much society and drugs and corporations have brainwashed us all that we hear that type of thing....thats theres no secret to happiness but finding oneself separate from all the BS out there. Its a great message.

    There has been a lot of negative aspects of metal bands and connections to rebellion, anti-war, anti-gioernment, satanic symbolism, violence, drugs, etc. over the past 40-50 years. I think as this band has grown they are now breaking free of all that and looking for universal messages that connect with everyone and this one is a perfect example of that. Good job Black Sabbath!
    mitchell33on September 26, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song plays during the end credits of the 2013 comedy film "This is the End", and it is within that context that it has two meanings. First it is clearly someone's quirky cherished song memory, something that reminds them of feeling *amazing* as a kid or teenager, that feeling is the one that *defines* our preferences as adults. In that sense it is closely related to the other important song to this movie, the Backstreet Boy's "Everybody".

    But unlike that piece of listenable, likable pop about superficial and (alas, rather lame sounding) wooing strategy, the Sabbath song presents a curiously science-fictional, introspective lyric. This is a song in Frank Herbert's Dune (Gurney Halleck would have song to balliset to the young Paul Atreides). The guitar solo is a knife fight training when the poetry is done. Intellectual, cold, manly, and demanding. The lyric here dares you to be exceptional, after giving you instructions on how (and why).

    "You don't want to be a robot ghost, occupied inside a human host," that is, you don't want to be an empty soul, easily cloned and used. It's not clear specifically what this means, but it doesn't sound good.

    "Rise up and resist, be the master of your fate" it prescribes. Do not be a mindless non-conformist. Question assumptions. Have courage to fight injustice when you find it, etc.

    And yet, there's a tinge of sadness when I dissect this song lyric. This is a message squarely aimed at the boy I was, not the man I am today. As laudable as this message is, it is incomplete, and so it remains fundamentally only the message of a juvenile power fantasy. What is the missing message? Yes, grow in whatever unique strength you possess (which will never, ever be nearly as good as what literally any of the protagonist in any story has), and pursue your own unique goals, but take heed of the mainstream, and do not reject it all outright. Time spent learning to stay out of trouble and foster friendship is time well spent.
    ablationon November 29, 2013   Link

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