A generation faceless cause we're built on memes
Nothing but repetition til they wear out seams
We tear out the stitches and then put on some patches
And if that's causing itches then we bring out the hatchet
Reassemble it with epoxy and a bit of psuedo moxie
Touch that up in photoshop until it's looking very foxy
And if that doesn't pass muster, cut that up and remix it
Post it up on a message board - try to reaffix it

To the pop culture landscape that's already bruised
From self-reflexive actions, cliches overused
You'd think we'd get clue cause from the blacks and blues
And how severely creativity is diffused
Recycling is fine when it comes to steel and tin
But it seems to kill off culture when you're just stealing spins
From your roots just because you seem lack to vision
To do anything more than sample collision

just another duplicate of a duplicate
everyone is duping kids
cause no ones heard the original
just another duplicate of a duplicate
nothing here but replicants
in this world that's pure digital

And I'm just as artificial, I'm as fake as the next man
And I can't move to the next plan, cause I lack that effect and
I think we're past the point of moving via movements
Or atleast like all my peers, I bring no improvements
Just listen to the beat, every last bit's stolen
I'll mention VIP, so we can get rollin
Into a land of cliches, including this complaint
It's disturbing that even that critique now seems quaint

Whether I crank dat in da club, or at the sci-fi con
The material's so samey that my interest's gone
It makes me yawn; is anyone here bringing fresh sounds?
Right now your hear one thing and you know the rest sounds.
And I'd say I have the best sound, but that's cliche too
You can see that nonsense daily up on ebay dude
So, I'm sitting here waiting for the next big thing, homes
So it can supercede getting the next big ringtone.


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