You can call me Nobue / cause when I'm on the mic I'm smokin
Bringin it so cute yet hard / I leave the moe-philes broken
And then I ride in stealthy / so you can't even find me
While the snare rolls explode / like Henrietta's P90
But the weapons in my arsenal / are drum n' bass n' vox
Though a prog knife or beam saber / would be wicked cool to rock
So we're blasting through Shinjuku / to those girls in floppy socks
J.J. Dynomite and Ultrakly / like Kirk and Mr. Spock

It's the match you've always wanted / cause we're always super raw
It's a brillant road like Angela / or maybe Shangri-la
Riding with a style that's so perfect / with out even one flaw
And thus it's only natural / the massive crowds we draw
We get love from every junglist / and all hikikomori
Cause you know we never bungle this / but yet I still implore thee
If you love the fresh style / that we're bringing to the table
Shout if you love 1337step / and we'll keep bringin fables

From the Front to the back - We have the crowd entralled
From the Front to the back - And we have never stalled
From the Front to the back - We know the siren's called
From the Front to the back - We leave your senses galled

I'm already 6 foot 2 / I gotta different wish than than skeelo
I come like sick the bird flu / I rock a mask with a tuxedo
I rock this set in 2-dimensions / you can call me Stitch and Lilo
We got breakbeats by the kilo / while I bust rhyme like torpedos
All these other lesser team ups / can only deliver weak flows
J.J. rocks it so hardcore / we're like Triela vs. Rico
And we bring it to your door / Just like that party van, amigos
Only takes a nanosecond / or sometimes we're down to pico

We have a dozen exabytes / of samples in a raid
We have aliens and espers / in our SOS Brigade
J.J. brings the commense sense / and I make Onomatopeaias
J.J. Dynamite is Kyon / I am Haruhi Suzumiya
From Seattle out to D.C. / Even out to Alameda
From the Heartland of America / to Chi-town Pizzerias
We have the populous enamored / with J's breaks and my stammers
I bring Nakayosi glamour / While Dynomite drops the hammer


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Front to the Back (K-Beam Remix) song meanings
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