"KV Crimes" as written by and Kurt S Vile....
I should have known my heart is overgrown
Do you risk it exploding all over
Well you better get over this one
Put a load on

The time has come and i believe I've come to
For to tell you for somethings always in the way
Well alright, what now
It's fine to think I'm ready to claim what's mine
Roughly I'll

Dejected and police coast crush
Daydreaming through the dark days
Club Monte on holiday
Witha moon too a hole
Space partners

For me to tell

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"KV Crimes" as written by Kurt Samuel Vile


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    My InterpretationI read on Stereogum where they think this song is about "the guilt of being on tour, trying to hang out with the psych wizards in Moon Duo when you just want to be back home with your kids"

    So that very well could be what it means and probably is, but below is what I originally thought (probably wrong) before reading that...

    he starts out talking about how his "heart has overgrown" (he has let some love grow too much - I'm assuming he loves a girl he's been around) and wonders "do you risk it exploding all over?" This makes me think he's unsure and scared that she won't like him if he tells her that he loves her.

    "well you better get a load of this one with a load on"
    - not sure, but might be saying maybe he or she or both should be drunk when he tells her (with a load on - loaded = drunk/fucked up) while also using the term "get a load of this one" like a nonchalant "hey check this out...uh I love you"

    "the time has come and I believe I've come too, for to tell you but somethin's always in the way"
    - he keeps wanting to tell her but "somethin's" always keeping him from saying it (his nervousness I'd think)

    "all right, what now? that's fine, I think I'm ready to claim what's mine, rightfully, yeah..."
    - I think he's just pepping himself up to tell her he loves her, she's his, etc. etc.

    "crestfallen, dejected with the east coast crutch
    daydreamin, through the dark days
    club mate, on holiday with the Moon Duo (space partners)"
    - "crestfallen, dejected" - she must have rejected him
    - he's daydreaming to try not to think about the "dark days" of the rejection
    - I think the "holiday" drinking club mate (non-acoholic) and hanging with the Moon Duo (a band) probably just saying he's hanging with his friends (probably to east the pain and not think about it)

    "all right, what now?
    ...the time has come and i think i came too
    bleedin, bleedin ever so slightly, yeah...

    i could have called this
    saw it a mile away: "baby, stay.""

    - okay, so the "time came" to tell her and it didn't work (he's "bleedin"), and thinks, man, I could have called this...I knew it wouldn't work (reason he waited so long to tell her in the first place ("somethin's always in the way")
    - "baby stay" is just a final plea I think
    rfrippon December 11, 2013   Link

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