This is the story of a man
Who took for granted everything he had
And how he let it all just slip away
Never to return again

Now twenty years have come and gone
And still he wonders what he did so wrong
And how that he can win back her heart
And finally step outside of the dark

He buys fresh roses everyday
Her favourite flower so she used to say
And now the memories all that he has left
And I'm afraid he'll drink himself to death

This is the story of a man
Who took for granted everything he had
And how he let it all just slip away
Never to return again

It's clear she's moved on long ago
But he still clings on to a distant hope
That she'll come back and make a happy home
For now it's him and the bottle all alone

Sometimes you'll see him in the yard
A wounded man with a desperate heart
He keeps the hedges trimmed nice and neat
To keep them the way that they used to be


A single dress hangs on it's own
The scent of perfume all he has to hold
A wasted life waiting on a dream
Hoping for things the way they used to be

This is the story of a man (this is the story of a man)
Who took for granted everything he had (everything he had)
And how he let it all just slip away (he let it slip away)
Never to return again (to return again)

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    General CommentThis is so sad :'( 20 years is such a long time to want someone back. It's clearly about every man's worst nightmare. Never take anything for granted.
    ghostrpon June 24, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song is very straight forward. Regretting ending a relationship and living in regret. Always having that one ounce of hope in the back of their head that maybe...someday this could work again.
    kee21on July 23, 2013   Link
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    General CommentProbably the most truthful song I've heard about regret, and how it never worked out.... Not mentioning why it went wrong in the song makes it worse cause now we can put ourselves into the song and see how wicked we are ourselves and imagine ourselves i think i have 12 more years left till i regret everything i did when i left to the marines ...... how i stupid i was to let her go.... It hurts deep seeing out much this song hits me everytime i hear it... i just wanna scream it out with ailment i have in my hand... but then again Most people drink their troubles away... and maybe mines too should be the bottle...
    akingkeotaon January 05, 2015   Link

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