"On My Way Up" as written by and Elijah Abbott Jones Benjamin Heyward Allen....
Woke up this morning with the sun in my eyes
Thanking The Lord and not the day I do rise
I'm at the station lookin down in the track
Got to go forward, aint never turnin back , no.
This southern city been all that ive know, yeah
And all I ever will this place is my home.
And as I leave the station, aint got no destination,
Without no hesitation, hands together praisin His name.

I'm on my way up, on my way up, heaven hold a place for me x2

I kissed my momma, waved my daddy goodbye.
I'm on my way up, way on to the other side.
I've walked this road about as far as it goes and
My souls been broken I can't walk no more.

Lord forgive me cause I know I've done wrong,
Walk beside me help them sing this song
I don't need no diamonds blingin,
I hear the angels singin
the gates of heaven swangin
opened up and let me in here.

I'm on my way up, on my way up, heaven hold a place for me (x2)

Off to the Promised Land.
Open up the gates and let me in
So tired of this struggle against the wind
I can't go no further, I give in

Let me rest my head and catch my breath
The roads so cold I caught my death
Been runnin & runnin I can't run no more
drop to my knees rise above

This heartache, just too much pain departed
and heaven awaits a poor soul, my mortal coil
is just a bag of bones that you can bury down low

The red clay, my Georgia soil, the land I love and I come home
I'm leavin, never come to return,
I'm gonna take that walk and leave this world

I'm on my way up, on my way up, Heaven hold a place for me (x4)
I'm on my way up, on my way up, on my way up (x2)
I'm on my way up (x2)
I'm on my way up, on my way up, on my way up (x2)

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