"Prancer" as written by and Benjamin Allen Weinman Gregory John Puciato....
How could it all be
We've never been dead
But never awake from this dream
How could it all be
We’ve never been dead
Just mirrors running scared
Slicing wrists while we look for our own mortality
All the lights went out cold
Shadow covers the soul
Essence of the world made ceremonial
Now we all wait for the demise

What was the question?
Why do you need an answer?
We make me nauseas
I guess it just means I need us
Ripe for me to eat your juice runs sweet
Never so good
Funny how nothing chips away at us like us
Check the unlocked door but it's still locked
Always locked
Always locked
Always locked

Talk to me across the way as if you don't even know me
And as if I could never give even half a fuck at all
For the record there is never anyone controlling
Our trajectory is ours
Funny thing is when this is all just memories
Looking back will be the same as moving forward
I'll probably give anything to try to go back in time
Time when I didn't have to
Empty lips just for distraction
Rip the demons from their sleep
Fornicate inside me
Gouge my eyes out so I'll never weep
How could it all be
We finally figured this shit out
And now you'll see that you were all wrong
But you were all just mirrors running scared
Just some ghosts wearing my skin
Trying to disbelieve it
Fuck you now try to disbelieve it
Fuck you now try to disbelieve it
Fuck you now try to disbelieve it
Oh fuck you now try to disbelieve it

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"Prancer" as written by Gregory John Puciato Benjamin Allen Weinman


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    My InterpretationThis song's lyrical themes put me in mind of Farewell, Mona Lisa, only a bit more of a general idea. It seems very much like a criticism of the typical reaction of a band's "fans" when the band tries to evolve. I haven't gotten the whole song within this idea, but here are some of my interpretations (a bit long-winded, so bear with me):

    "Just mirrors running scared" - Reacting adversely to a band's new material due to the expectation to get the same thing, i.e. thinking that you're looking in a mirror and instead seeing something completely different.
    "All the lights went out cold, Shadow covers the soul" - Light is often used as a symbol for inspiration, and by extension it could be originality. The shadow covers the soul because the freedom of originality and evolution as a band is expected to be avoided.
    "We make me nauseous", "Funny how nothing chips away at us like us" - May or may not be referencing people who say things like "What happened to the old ?". It's them, but at the same time it's no longer them.
    "Check the unlocked door, but it's still locked" - Expectations shot down by reality, could be either the band or the fans in this position.
    "Talk to me across the way as if you don't even know me
    And as if I could never give even half a fuck at all" - Building on the interpretation of "We make me nauseous", the implication by the "fans" that the band doesn't care at all what the fans think.
    "For the record there is never anyone controlling, Our trajectory is ours" - A band has the right to evolve, and they should be able to pursue their own direction without having people telling them where to take their music.
    "Looking back will be the same as moving forward" - Taking inspiration from the past in order to evolve further?
    "Empty lips just for distraction" - As the average band evolves, the music starts out completely for the band and slowly shifts towards the fans. That shouldn't have to happen.

    TLDR: Bands should be able to evolve their style without being questioned and ostracised by the people who call themselves their fans. At least, that's what I got out of it.
    CyDragonon June 02, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationLooks to me like this song is about people being afraid to live their lives & follow their dreams. Instead of being oneself and making their mark, this individual finds it more palatable to mirror what others do (or what others expect from them) and base his or her reality on the perceptions of others.

    "What was the question?" I'm assuming that's the eternal question, "What's the meaning of life?" DEP's response: Why do you need an answer from us? This struggle can only be answered internally. People who don't understand this basic principle make us sick/nauseous. However, art is supposed to remind people what is beautiful in life. The inability of some to understand this is an inspiration for their work ("I guess it just means I need us"). This fuels their work, not unlike the way a piece of delicious ripe fruit fuels your body.

    By the end of the song, or by the end of your life, you've finally figured this out. Unfortunately for you, you were doing it wrong - busy living someone else's life instead of your own. But, at least you were able to live vicariously thru others ("ghosts wearing my skin"). We've laid it all out for you; now try to pretend it's not the case (try to disbelieve us).
    LOLHeffeon June 13, 2013   Link

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