Forty thousand light years
the galaxy is burned through my sight
pushing through the system like mercury
I'm liquid in flight

I'm devoid of navigation
detect my path through the starlight
speeding through the universe
constellations focus my flight

serpantis sextonis sersinus delphinus
orion octonus andromeda poseidon

i never wanted that life my focus was lost
complicated matters weakened my heart

but its over it's over now
I'm moving I'm moving on
I'm needed protector
the universe the universe

what has become of this deity
what of the beautiful
gone and slipped into eternity
you can't look back your

future is no more

why does he run
has his power failed he's indestructible
he is a man with god like strength
the faster her flies the stronger he becomes

you know you can't go back
you know you can't go back
further further further away

forty thousand light years

it's so far
this black love hit so hard

yes I must fly on gonna fly away
cause you're gonna fly on too anyway

oh I need a change of scenery
could I get some advice oh no
could I get some advice oh no
could I get some advice oh no
just a little advice oh no

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    Song MeaningThe album is about a superhero called Triton. At the start of the story, he receives his divorce papers from his ex-wife and takes an angry drive through space to try and cool off ("Triton"). Triton then goes to a therapist, a Lazer Witch, to see what his next step in life should be. As it so happens, the Lazer Witch is also a soothsayer. During their sessions, the Lazer Witch foresees danger and warns Triton not to attempt to save his ex-wife if she gets in trouble ("Prophecy of the Lazer Witch").
    Meanwhile, Triton's arch enemy, Beastblade, escapes from prison and swears revenge on Triton ("Beastblade"). Beastblade seduces Triton's ex-wife and has sex with her ("Deathwaltz"). Triton finds out about their get-together and knows that she is in danger and contemplates whether or not to save her ("Truth Orb and Kill Pool").
    He ultimately decides to save her, but gets kidnapped by Space Pirates as he tries to reach her. Triton is taken to a planet where a corrupt government runs gladiatorial games. There, he and the other slaves are forced to fight a giant worm. Meanwhile, his ex-wife realizes that she is in danger as Beastblade reveals that he plans to kill her and then Triton ("You Can't Run Away").
    Triton unites his fellow slaves in the arena and defeats the giant worm. They then turn against their masters and the crowd ("Arena War of the Immortal Masters"). A large space battle ensues as Triton destroys the Space Pirates and the government that ran the arena games.
    Afterward, Triton rushes to save his ex-wife ("Dangertits"). Triton has his final confrontation with Beastblade and kills him. Saving his ex-wife one last time, Triton and his ex-wife part ways ("On My Way").
    alexdaon May 10, 2013   Link

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