I belong to blue and white, blue and white
But I'll give up the first fight, fast through the night
Baby says forever now, never now
I'm only here to run you out, run you out

I belong to six feet tall, six feet tall
And at its height, I'll burn it all, I'll feel it all
Baby says you're tethered now, forever now
Hit the floor, collect him now, I let 'em down

Everything was built in good faith
I couldn't afford to keep you all at bay
Do I like my options now they've all turned to grey?
I understand we were finished at the first day

I belong to me alone when I'm alone
Help myself to flesh and bone to be alone
I belong to me alone while I'm alone
Help myself to flesh and bone to be alone.

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    My InterpretationThis song makes me think that the speaker was in a relationship that failed.
    "Baby says forever now, never now"- is how her ex would say they would always be together and now that it is over the person never says this anymore because the speaker ran them out.
    6 feet tall is how tall the ex is.
    The relationship was made with good intentions but the speaker feels like it is their fault that it didn't last "I couldn't afford to keep you all at bay"
    (who is "you all"? maybe multiple lovers, and the speaker is questioning if she is even interested in the others now that her "Baby" is out of the picture
    And the speaker is accepting that the relationship is over (and maybe that it was already over the day that she decided to seek other options).
    Now instead of being with or feeling like she belongs to "six feet tall," she belongs to herself now that she is alone and no longer in any relationship.
    cayla.son May 28, 2014   Link

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