As I sail past bricks light seems to lose all it's relevance,
No greater good or intelligence,
Brains sink down along the sun,
Is it wrong if my main reaction's to run?
Echoes four stories high in my spine,
Quickening the pace cos you know it's such a fine line,
In time some sign will find you, strange how your cautiousness will blind you,
Current of concrete mighty flow
Strong street torrent makes you go
To a spot where it's got but you're not gonna stop cos the worlds your foe,
BD noise overshadows the rest
K-town has to take second best it's fair to say that greys a pest for most

And it's strange how they live in modern homes
yet the instincts of the cave still reside withing their bones
And then they communicate with the raising of a fist
and the only will debate with the act of getting pissed
And you know when they're around, there's a change in atmosphere,
such a strong distinctive sound cos the instincts are so clear,
If you're following their tracks then be sure to stay alert,
Cos the sometimes will attack and they have been known to hurt


As I flick through shit fucked off with toffs on this box,
A-grade twats grinning over chocs and that post-dinner party coffee mocks below
Why don't these wankers go to a place where impulse drives?
Not bound by rules where they from these hives
Tripping over each other so they can impress the queen,
Society's so obscene
Now look, guess what? Those Roche cunts have lost the plot,
I'm a pacifist but I hope their heads explode.
Then there's this place 01535 alive?
What a dive but it's home where I reside,
Divided up and branded by your road.

And it's true that I'm not entirely down,
But it's not the greatest view it's a hazy middle ground,
And there's creatures down below and there's creatures up above
But no matter where I go there's that well known mental shove
And the act in different ways some are so predictable
Fixed on what their leader says in pedantic rituals
Maybe one day they'll evolve and then they'll open their eyes,
The I might just get involved and forget the question why?


And they spread like fire with a coarse desire
Just to plant a flag or to fill a bag
With fruits of where they stand
Rip the land for what they have planned,
Two heads, fill more beds, spin more threads
Tracks will multiply,
They go where promise pills, wear cloth but they're all ANIMALS.

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