He brought a rose in his hand (He brought a rose in his hand)
Said boy i'll make you a man, Said boy i'll have you know that

Nobody will believe
Oh figure it out, figure it out, figures me out yeah
Nobody here's to speak
You figure it out, figures me out, figure me out then
I'm just a prick in his world

Well every finger you point at me could finally find you
Well every finger you flown at me could find the pilot
With violence
Who would have thought that

Hitting you, was easy cause

But back home in the room
I'd find me a 12 gage brother with the barrel over you
I start to think that if nobody seems to care
Cause nobody else was there
And no one will think its me cause the secret
Was something that us friends could keep

But then I'd built up my wall

Well that the finger you'd point in me could finally find you
Where you planted your seed, you'll see, you'll find your heartless

Don’t do this to me, oh
There is no need, oh
To close to me, oh
There is no need

For violence
With silence

So when the lights went out in Texas
You arose from how it turned you on for one last time
To bite your lip and bring up the rose to his room
(The incense sweet would make complete memories of you)
But you 'd find

You'd have to turn up his face when you did this
But when you made him eat from the bleeding where you tear at him
He'd make his plan and try to stare up at the moon
(How vengeance is sweet must be completely made by you)
But he'd find

To kill you then was too difficult
So he would take on a job with that prison down in Huntington
The foster kid
Had found him a friend in a room
How sick, its need
Be complete, this one waits for you..

So when the lights went down in Texas
Well you can say the rose has turned you on for one last time
You bite your lip
And close your eyes in his room
The incense sweet will make complete memories of you
When you find


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    My OpinionWOW- Met these guys in Orlando, Michael told me this was his favorite song, I didnt know the lyrics until I bought the album at Bombshells that night. Holy shit this song is deep, filled with a story so fucked up you have to love the balls of J.Loren and Michael Roberts. Totally kick ass song, even if you dont know the words, but if you do, it just comes to life with an audacity that most wouldnt dare venture too.
    ShaunOtownon May 13, 2013   Link

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