Well, It was late, she was nervous to figure things out
Among all of the lovely country girls who knew what it's about
That said, Hey. It's worth it. Just work things out.
Unto the cold and lonely northern girl who worked her way south

Sayin, Goodbye anyone, whomsoever wants
Now you could be dumped by anyone
Goodbye anyone whomsoever wants
Just to be in love again
I'll do what I'll do
Don't compare me to you
It's not fair cause…

All the other patrons pay for my cloths
To lay adjacent to my body like I don't have a soul
You know, I'm really please to meet someone who don't check me out
I should've known that you were different cause you worked your way up

Sayin, Goodbye anyone, whomsoever wants
(Now you could be loved by anyone)
You could buy anyone, whomsoever you want
But just to feel your love I guess
I'll do what I do
Don't compare me for you
Just don't compare….

And did you know all my life I dreamed that I had fireflies and Jesus Christ
To show me who could take it all away?
But you could fill all my lies with sapphire skies
You're superstars, It's what you are
But surely you could save me from this place

Safe, Safe,
She comes with me for her first limo ride
Cause I'm so nice
And climbs into the seat with the stars in her eyes
Ain't it so nice?
It's too bad you wouldn't see the lights
Cause it so nice..

If you're choking all the way as you move south
Cuz once you get in there it's all some varied friends i'll need for you to meet
And just one more thing
Well, there's cocaine on the trail if you'll move down
So excitedly she smiles at me then moves as if to speak
(So then we look at your body)

Choking all the way as you go down
But I have to ask, Do you believe that your family or that kid you feed could have looked at your body
Jolting from the ways we cleaned you out?
But then she seemed to be
Surprised we'd leave you on that southbound street

But no-thing, we just looked at your body
Cause we look at your body
When we look at your body

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Southbound (Playin' with Guns) song meanings
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    My OpinionI love this song, I find it easily to listen too on multiple levels, I met Michael Roberts at their last show in Orlando at Bombshells. He told me this song was about "Getting a blowjob" I thought it was about going down on a woman, i was close but after reading the lyrics its definitely a cooler song now that i understand the writers meanings. Arcos Angel is at times the best of Hurt, and some of the most aggressive music subjects and sounds they have ever tackled, and I am please to say i am a fan.
    Dust in the Wind
    ShaunOtownon May 13, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song is fantastic. I imagine a girl who falls on hard times and has to turn tricks, then she finds this person who seems "different" from other "patrons" and thinks they can save her from that life, but they were just like all the rest and leave her on that southbound street.
    metzoron May 30, 2013   Link

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