No thesis existed for burning cities down at such a rampant rate
No graphics and no f**king powerpoint presentation
So they just DIY’d that sh*t and built their own bombs
She’s his suicide blond, she’s number than gold

Are you ready for another bad poem?
One more off key anthem
Let your teeth sink in
Remember me as I was not as I am
And I said “I’ll check in tomorrow if I don’t wake up dead,”
I kept wishing she had blonde ambition and she’d let it go to my head

Rat a tat tat
Rat a tat tat tat hey
If my love is a weapon
There’s no second guessing when I say
Rat a tat tat
Rat a tat tat tat hey
If my heart is a grenade
You pull the pin and say:

We’re all fighting growing old
We’re all fighting growing old
In the hopes
Of a few minutes more
To get on St. Peter’s list
But you need to lower your standards
Cause it’s never
Getting any better than this

We are professional ashes of roses
This kerosene’s live
You settled your score
This is where you come to beg, unborn and unshaven
Killing fields of fire to a congress of ravens
This is what we do, we nightmare you

I’m about to make the sweat roll backwards
And your heart beat in reverse
Our guts can’t be reworked
As alone as a little white church in the middle of the desert
Getting burned
But I’ll take your heart served up two ways
I sing a bitter song
I’m the lonelier version of you
I just don’t know where it went wrong

She’s sick and she’s wrong
She’s young dirty blonde
And you sink inside her like a suicide bomb
He says “I’ve seen bigger”
She says “I’ve lit better”
And they throw the matches down into the glitter
Not a dry eye left in the house
Go boy, run for your life

Talk less
Mean more
Let’s be electric
Like we were before

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Better Than This (Rat A Tat) feat. Courtney Love song meanings
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    General CommentFirst things first, the song title is incorrect. It's just called "Rat a Tat" featuring Courtney Love.

    One thing I'd like to point out is the lyric "Are you ready for another bad poem?"
    The almost-last songs on their past 3 albums have had verses by Pete Wentz in which they were delivered almost in a prose-type way. This is him poking fun at those emotionally driven speeches, calling them "bad poems" and noting that he is a creature of habit in that sense. However, this chain is broken in this album when he simply acknowledges the past habit, which reminds me of the "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light em up)" music video in which their old albums are burning, symbolic of the "old" Fall Out Boy. Also, when they came back together, they released a statement that included:
    "The future of Fall Out Boy starts now."
    So in essence, this lyric is demolishing what happened in the past by poking a little fun at it but acknowledging its presence.
    I may have just analyzed the shiiiiiiit out of that, but I wouldn't be shocked if Pete Wentz did put all of that thought towards one line.
    GrenadeJumperon December 06, 2013   Link

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