"Girl Called Alex" as written by and Kurt Vile....
In the dawn's early light
I recall a girl named alex
She and mark, they were happily wed
At least in my head

I think about them all the time
I think about them all the time
Think about them all the time
Think about them all the time

I wanna live all the time
In my fantasy infinity
There I will never be abandoned
There I'll have a handle against
Everything that will never happen to them
And me

Hey that's what I say
I wanna,

I wanna walk out into the night
Without it bein runnin away
From a bad day in my brain
For the sake of a strip that I could be cruisin
In the comfort of a sportscar illusion

I think about them all the time
I think about them all the time
Think about them all the time
Think about them all the time

Hey that's what I say

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"Girl Called Alex" as written by Kurt Samuel Vile


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    My InterpretationMy Interpretation:

    The mind's perception of reality is often fantasy. Kurt may not know the intricacies of the relationship of Alex and Mark, or what life will bring them. The mind, however, drifts toward telling Kurt they are happy and x, y, and z may happen in their lives.

    "i wanna walk out into the night
    without it bein runnin away
    from a bad day in my brain
    for the sake of a strip that i could be cruisin
    in the comfort of a sportscar illusion"

    To me, this is a MUSING that I can identify with: the thought of abandoning reality to live in superficial fantasy. This is not about that abandonment, but one's own conscious recognition of wanting this abandonment. But as I previously mentioned, the mind's perception is often not reality to begin with. In lieu of the false hope of trying to acquire reality, why not just abandon it for a fantasy that you can control?
    JebCornhuskeron April 26, 2014   Link
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    General CommentAlex & Mark are a married couple who either divorced or had some other troubles. or maybe the troubles are just conjecture. A&M are probably fictional so it's besides the point. either way, I think the song is just about the faux security of being in a relationship. it's nice to think about your S.O. as just that thing you have in your life that will always be there to comfort and protect you, to banish all your fear and distrust and loneliness from being a part of you. but it's a problematic fantasy to let that kind of thinking fool you. so KV kinda outlines the anxieties he has of being alone inside his mind and reality vs. fantasy.

    but more interesting than the point of the song, perhaps, are the lyrical building blocks he uses to construct it. the certain mythical-but-modern phrase "girl named/called Alex", the "I wanna live" stolen from Neil Young's "Heart of Gold", and the "hey that's what I say" from the Stones' "Satisfaction". it's so great how he sings these things in a too-serious capital-R Rock kind of way... for me it represents trying to bare the vulnerable realities and wishes of a fragile human through the medium of rock music. it makes an anthem out of those soft things we should try to bring out in ourselves more. (though I guess the anthem on this album is really KV Crimes.)
    hundredtenon June 04, 2014   Link
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    General CommentAbandonment issues as a result of a divorce.
    ill1153735on September 12, 2014   Link

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