"Tiff" as written by and Channy Leaneagh Ryan Olson....
Me and her named Tiffany
Born to breed in everything
Carrying round a prison bar
Fucking in the feathered tar
Early call the master flirts
Measuring up the pretty girls
Body buildings sickly fed
Need my TV, I need my meds
Tiffany my vanity
Compared to you, compared to me
I'm a pawn in the hype machine
You're a pawn in the caring scheme

Go ahead and play for keeps
Go ahead and play for keeps

One for tiger, one for bear
No one wants me, no one cares
Playing rough without a fight
I was yours in record time
Played my part and pressing start
You're the hero but I'm in charge
Cheating is a money maker
Shadow gloss a tricky faker
I don't want a diamond ring
Found a man, and he's found me
It's a pact like a lion's den
You come out, but you can't come in

Go ahead and play for keeps

Make a pact with my secret son
Have the bullet, he has the gun
Don't bother me to take my time
Wouldn't rush if I had what's mine
Keep it coming and keep 'em close
How he rocks me and how it shows
Take a breath before the peak
Throw the bet to hold for keeps
Do your work and let me be
I don't owe you anything
Tiffany my vanity
Compared to you, compared to me
I'm a pawn in the hype machine,
You're a pawn in the caring scheme
We will walk with the clean machine
Follow hearts and follow great big dreams

Go ahead and play for keeps
(Oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Go ahead and play for keeps

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"Tiff" as written by Ryan Olson Channy Leaneagh

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    My InterpretationThere's a clash between two tendencies in a woman. But it's not quite schizophrenia. Consider it like the inner fight that takes place between two opposite personal "penchants" in your mind. More of a dispute between you're two "leanings".

    On one side, you have the caring woman, who worries about what people think of her doings, about her duties to society, some of which she likes to impose upon herself even if no one forces her to. Her aim is to pass for a person who is sacrificing herself out of goodness. She pretends to be part of greater good and maybe she even believes it. However, she acts out of pure vanity, but wants to sell it as a great virtue. She's Tiffany.

    On the other side, you have the narrator. This voice would be the part of herself that doesn't give a damn and does what she wants, the way she wants. Without lying to herself about her intrinsic motives. In deed, this side founds selfish pleasure in Tiffany's masochistic attitude. She's prone to harshness and tends to be in control. This more self-honest side can't bear Tiffany's sanctimonious acting.

    I have to admit that the video gave me a lot of help in this interpretation.

    I didn't quote de lyrics, but if someone's interested out there and thinks I'm not totally mislead, I can submit explanations of the metaphors I see in the song.

    poetesseon June 23, 2013   Link
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    General Commentits " VISIONER of the pretty girls "
    and " playing rough without a FIRE "
    Instead of we'll take one for losing team etc think it's " We'll all be the big machine. Follow hearts and follow great big dreams."
    jadaGon May 23, 2013   Link

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