Yakov quit the westside AZA
Went 'cross town joined YMCA
Soon bacon and pork he began to enjoy
He took off his yarmulke. The yid was a goy

I said hey Yakov! Take a walk on the kosher side.
I said hey nudnik! Take a walk down Fairfax...
Oy a broch
Why don’t you go meet yourself a nice girl?
What do you need a shiksa for?
They’re dirty, they’re filthy
You need a pure one, a clean one, a clean one, a pure one

Herschel was shocked when he heard the news
He couldn’t believe that he and Jesus were both Jews
He said how can we be the same
When this long hair’s got a Mexican name
I said hey Hersch! Take a walk on the kosher side
I said hey kid! Take a walk down Fairfax

And the members of Hadassah go...
Boy b..boy..boy..boy.. boy.

Abe wanted to star in picture shows.
So he capped his teeth, cut his hair and fixed his nose.
Changed his name to Lash LaRue
And spoke of the pride of being a Jew

I said hey Abe. Take a walk on the kosher side.
I said hey! Whatever your name is, take a walk down Fairfax

Katz was taking his bar mitzvah lessons
Across the street a shiksa was undressing
Then one day to the rabbi's surprise
Katz was showing her where he was circumcised

I said hey Katz...take a walk on the kosher side
Hey Katzy..take a walk down Fairfax

And the members of Hadassah go...
Boy..b..boy b..boy

Oya !! What'ya want to show a girl a thing like that?
Your mother finds out about a thing like that you'll make her heart break!
Don't ya care ya filthy animal?
Why dontcha go up to your study and become a doctor or something?

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