Now I'm the kind of man,
Who never got his way,
I do what my boss says,
No sleep migrane,
Wednesdays or Sundays,
All the fucking same,
Didn't know every day could,
Bring on such shame,

If you're asking about love,
There really was no hope,
And trying to get sex,
Was a cruel, sick joke,
Hopped up on pills and whiskey,
Vodka and coke,
Been trying to hang myself,
But there's not enough rope,

Now I'm a kind man,
Didn't think it go this low,
But somehow my yes outshouted my no,
A few drops in red wine and it doesn't even show,
She won't know what she's doing,
She'll go where I go,

And she's spiked,
She is spiked,
Ummm spiked,
Yes spiked,

So I'm with a girl in a bar,
She's wearing tight jeans,
I flashed my money at her,
To show I got the means,
I buy her a drink I feel I'm bursting at the seams,
Something tries to stop me,
But what about my needs,

The act was done so quickly,
It was not something I chose,
The drug is kicking in,
Her body's movement now slows,
Leaving the club,
I know nobody there knows,
In the taxi I'm thinking of,
How she'll look unclothed,

So we get home to my place,
I fix a double rum,
To calm down my chase,
To make me feel more numb,
She slumped down on the sofa,
My time has finally come,
My very own women with posable thumbs,

And she's spiked,
Yeah spiked,
Yes spiked,

Next day I called in sick,
I screamed and wept and shouted,
Fell in, in fact, for several days,
Threaten, watched, and hounded,
But can it be a crime if she doesn't know about it,
And did it hurt with me inside,
Well I truly doubt it

For the first few weeks,
The girl have made me want to die,
Now I've done it once,
And it'd be easy to do it twice,
She suffered one night,
I've suffered my whole fucking life,
I grabbed what I could,
Now I'm headed for the skies,

I'm still free now,
To do as I do,
These girls don't tell anyone,
The police don't have a clue,
Sometimes I feel like the lowest fuck,
Stupid fucking fool,
Other times I am the boss,
And I'm coming after you,

She's spiked,
Yeah spiked,
Yes spiked,
Yeah she's spiked,
Yeah spiked,

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