Say my whole clique tote thangs
All we do is get money and bang
Line them bitches up and train
Drink liquor like we in pain
Run tell that run tell that
Run tell that run tell that
Run tell that run tell that
I should be on the scale cuz i'm dope
Theres these hickeys all on my throat
Got a long gun with a scope
Knock your ass off like a dope boy
Run tell that run tell that
Run tell that run tell that
Run tell that run tell that

Turnin out fly now they gon hate
Cuz I rep the south side of the O state
Swang so hard make your bitch wanna date
If I kick it with her once she gon lose you like weight
I keep it 580 so I can't lie
Got hoes all colors my women tie dye
Whole team real girls see can't hide
Took her to the theme park boo we down to ride
Kinda feelin high after ten shots
You wanna bitch, ride me I'm on top
Sold everything set the car off a lot
Tote drama finna run it like a smoker from the cops
Firm laced up so I ain't trippin, yellowbone chick like my whip stay drippin
Sendin hoes dick and they pay for the shippin
Shoes got grip so you know I'm not slippin
Bitch I'm pimpin, tell her to E the P, tatted up like a bike Evel Kniev
Make that dough but it's legally, have her pleasin me till her knees'll bleed, yea
Said that thang gon rock, Double M rider and my lane on top, boy what you want sayin Famme won't drop
No octagons cuz I ain't gon stop, ay, I ride 80s baby, on my way to the top so they hatin baby
Oklahoma stand up 580 baby, gettin that bread thats gravy baby
Seems like everybody wanna talk, real stick bullshit gon walk
Your girl on my pelvis, I know you gon hate bitch run tell this


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