At an Austin hotel society gathering,
I had on my black tie,
I see a girl standing by the side,
That I think I half recognize,

I go up to her with a drink in my hand,
"It's Jenna, right?" I say,
She nods, "Wow that's an interesting name,
I mean... Jenny with an a,"

"What does your dad do?,"
I ask her with a smile,
"What? Don't you know?"
She says surprised,
Her mouth stays open for a while,

"Only kidding," I then added,
"I know what he does,
Can I get you another glass of that sweet white wine?"
She says, "Yeah, that'll be good,"
My date with Jenna Bush,

She takes a glass of the grand piano,
Replaces it with another on a silver tray,
She looks at me with eyes that suggest not too long now,
And then I'm going to have my way,

Half an hour later she's starting to slur her speach,
She tells me she's got the penthouse suite,
So I go, "What do you say we leave all this behind, order champagne,
You know uhhh and a special treat,"

"Ohh I don't know," she says,
Eyes to the ground,
Not sure what to do,
So I go, "Surely there's no harm in going up stairs and taking a look at that penthouse view,"

So we order champagne,
Take a lift to the top,
I have to say I do feel a little embold,
By the two body guards in the lift,
Following us up,
My date with Jenna Bush,

It's a beautiful view,
The champagne gets opened, but she's already done,
When I mention I got some coke,
She nods, "I know that,"
"Well, have one"

I divide it up,
With an American Express credit card,
I ask her if she has a dollar bill,
She pulls out two 50's so we don't have to share,
And we each do two lines on the cold marble windowsill,

"You have great Southern eyes," I say,
I grab her and I kiss her hard,
My hands move up her sides,
Now she's on the bed, arms get spread,
This time her mouth it stays apart,

I got one and half hands on her breasts,
They sure come out easily from that dress,
There goes her knickers unsuspectingly,
I undo myself and get on my knees,

She's moaning slightly, giggling please,
Her hair smells of Texan gasoline,
Anyway, I turn her over and part her legs,
And hmmm the American dream,
My date with Jenna Bush,
My date with Jenna Bush,

I'm in my room late next morning,
I'll be going to an excellent scholar lunch,
I heard Henry Kissinger's granddaughter will be in attendance,

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