I heard a whisper on my shoulder
Pretending life is worth the fight
O can you hear the song of thunder
When fear strangles a soldier's pride
And on the surface of the waters
Will dance reflections of the fire in the night

I remember cheering from the towers
A face is smiling in the light
I remember the bells, the flowers
Those days are dying in the dark

Boy I was shaped for the fury
Now I pay the price
Of the human race's vice
And I was promised
The glorious ending of a knight
But the crown is out of sight

I'm slowly drifting into slumber
'Cos I have lost the force to fight
It's like a cold hand on my shoulder
I'll see you on the other side

And in the arms of endless anger
Will end the story of a soldier in the dark

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    My InterpretationThe speaker is trying to ignore the "whisper" of his conscience, which tells him this life is worth living. The solider and war beats are a metaphor for the speaker's belief that all life is a war, and we are all soldiers. He wants to give up, go to "the other side" (a phrase that almost always suggests afterlife/death in art and literature). "Fear" is the unknown of what the afterlife contains for us. It "strangles the soldier's pride" as it "dances reflection of the fire"; the song of thunder, that fear of the afterlife, whether it's better than this world or worse, this fear crushes his logic and pride. For if we don't know, why find out before our time.

    His memories of his youth, "cheering from the towers" perhaps at sporting games, are all the fond and happy times, fleeting in his memory and not heavy enough to crush his fear, and those joyous days are "dying in the dark."

    He was "shaped for the fury" by simply being born. We all fight the same fight. But he is despondent and feels like the pain which he must pay for is from his "race's vice". He was "promised a glorious ending" as all children believe; told we will all be happy and successful and can achieve anything. But we all learn this is false, and this is what fuels the anger that ultimately kills him as he gives up the fight and goes to death.

    The last stanza, is like his knowledge after death, when it is all clear to him. "In the arms of endless anger" ends his life. It was all futile. He couldn't give up the anger.

    This is honestly one of the best song lyrics I've ever read, and the warlike beat behind it, with the soldier's metaphor all the way to the end, where "arms" of anger consume him... Brilliant. In so few words it states so much about the human condition and is beautifully relatable.
    MargotGlasson September 19, 2014   Link
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    Song MeaningThe end. The death he longed for in Iron comes, and his last thoughts are of the meaninglessness and futility of the life of a soldier. The glory and wealth he wanted was just a false promise.
    jhoch51011on April 08, 2015   Link

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