Sweatshops are commonly thought to be a relic of history/But they've always existed alongside capitalist economies/Exploitation built these nations and they've not changed their ways/Their corporate global agenda ensures that slavery is here to stay/WTO, IMF, World Bank, and "Free Trade" institutions/Increasing the power of the ruling class and corporations/Destroying the planet and enslaving populations/Accelerating the process of global domination/The lawless pirates of the New Global economy/Spreading sweatshop production and rampant inequality/A competition among brutal Nation States/To enslave their own citizens for the corporate parasites/The process of creating an enslaved, dependent country/A science worked out to aid multinational industry/The first step is to destroy the independent local economies/Carried out in collaboration with local puppet authorities/Then in come the filth who will benefit from the destruction/Corporations seeking the cheapest means of production/The garment industry is at the crest of the wave/Ravaging the earth and its people for the latest fashions of of the day/World markets opened to free, unfettered trade/Nations with the least regulations are the ones who make the grade/Corporations placing manufacturing plants and factories/Where women and children will work up to 84 hours per week/People tricked into bondage for less than one dollar a day/Killing those who fight for better conditions or an increase in pay/Developing countries competing for western corporate patronage/The major assets are lax pollution, safety laws and poverty wages/Now totalitarian governments are forcing people to work without pay/Using the desperation of the third world to circumvent a "living wage"/Politicians entertaining the business class of the west/Seeking pay-offs and power at their population's expense/The host country becomes plagued with disease and prostitution/Poverty, death, and drug addiction is the worker's retribution/The natural resources of the country are exported to Europe and the West/While the general population eats the garbage that is left/Some people believe such conditions to be worthy and necessary/Globalists say it's part of a developing nation's journey to prosperity/Yet these countries had all the resources to live healthy and free/But all was destroyed and restricted to create the new economy/And when these companies find a more cheap and easy way/They close the factory doors and covertly move away/Leaving famine and war and a thousand lonely graves/The slave drivers disappear and nobody knew their names/But slowly the truth s beginning to find it's way/And now we know the names of those who are to blame/those who offer slave labour are those who create the need/investors, shareholders who will drag you to you're knees/Fire and flame/To burn the filth away/Fire and flame/We know who is to blame

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