"The Golden Age" as written by and Yoann Lemoine Danielle Rose Hericourt....
Walking through fields of gold
In the distance, bombs can fall
Boy we're running free
Facing light in the flow
And in the cherry trees
We're hiding from the world
But the golden age is over
But the golden age is over

Boy, we're dancing through the snow
Waters freeze, the wind blows
Did you ever feel
We're falling as we grow
No I would not believe
The light could ever go
But the golden age is over
But the golden age is over

Listen, I can hear the call
As I'm walking through the door

Did you ever dream we'd miss
The mornings in the sun
The playgrounds in the streets
The bliss of slumber land
Boy, we're family
No matter what they say
But boys are made to flee
And run away one day

When the golden age is over
Oh the golden age is over
But the golden age is over
The golden age is over

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"The Golden Age" as written by Yoann Lemoine Danielle Rose Hericourt

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    General CommentChildhood is the Golden Age for Woodkid. "We are falling as we grow"; that is the main theme of the album.
    cenkon March 30, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningThe official video of this song makes it very clear that this song is about stepping from childhood to adulthood.

    FACT: During music introduction, 3D scan of an adult then showing a child inside his torso. Fade-out to the main character.

    INTERPRETATION: Clear and strong symbol for en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…, as if the authors wanted the viewer to join their inner child for this part of the video.
    The main character is the boy for which the golden age is ending.

    FACT: The first stanza matches images of adults peacefully and safely bringing kids to join the whole family in a remote place.
    Second stanza, kids playing, adults exchanging smiles.
    No lyrics, calm music.
    Children playing and learning with mom, with dad, with grandpa, with friend/cousin.

    INTERPRETATION: Golden age is childhood. Learning, playing, smiles, no violence.

    FACT: Boys spy on a kiss scene, see an altercation between adults, causing puzzlement.

    INTERPRETATION: There comes a time when child look for and discovers adult matters, which puzzle.

    FACT: A white bird takes off.

    INTERPRETATION: White bird is symbol for child innocence. One taking off means childhood is starting to fade away.

    FACT: Silence, then different music with rhythm, trumpets, drums. Boy piles soda cans which later get knocked off causing frustration. Arm wrestling, ball sports.

    INTERPRETATION: These competitive but non-violent activities symbolize the transition.

    FACT: While lyrics say:
    "Listen, I can hear the call
    As I'm walking through the door"
    the boy is lying, his open eyes showing turmoil.

    INTERPRETATION: Learning to become an adult requires turmoil periods.

    FACT: Third lyrics stanza. Adults and kids in pickup van, ball sports again, playing war with toy guns.

    INTERPRETATION: Playing war represents violent adult world.

    FACT: lyrics say
    "But boys are meant to flee
    And run away one day"

    INTERPRETATION: Main character (boy) does not physically flee. The childhood is fleeing, meaning childhood is meant to have an end.

    FACT: Many white birds takeoff.

    INTERPRETATION: Child innocence flees for good.

    FACT: Music changes again. Foghorn.
    FACT: High trees at night, seen thanks to a moving light of unknown origin.

    INTERPRETATION: Foghorn and trees in artificial light represents fear of the change and the unknown.

    FACT: Music starts to look like the music at the beginning.
    FACT: Main character is meditating, parents are sleeping. He grasps and draws father's hand.

    INTERPRETATION: Along with the main character, viewer is brought forward to adulthood. When you are sad or unsettled, remember to maintain the link between generations.

    Hope you'll like this.
    GLittlePrinceon May 26, 2016   Link

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