Alright let me ask you this, who was Crispus Attucks... oh that wasn't on the test? Okay well what started the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Oh that wasn't on the test either? WHo organized the Millon Man March? --They didn't ask, must not be history --That's history. That's black history, it's still American history. But they don't teach you that, no! They don't even want you to think about that! They want you to think about that same old bullshit... Paul Revere and his horse! Betsy Ross stayed up allllll night sewing the flag... when you know that she had slaves!

Born in the ashes of a Carolina castle's faded dream, you grew up blazing in the heat you watched the sun make water gleam
Your mother finally found you old enough to fully undertand when dad was your age Grandpa took him out and had him join the Klan
Life's hard enough to deal with now, You're working just to make it out, the hole you're digging is your own it leads you know where but the ground

And it's a hard road we face and we're climbing uphill in the wind, another child the chosen race, another puppet government, the food upon the counter top, to throw it out would be a sin, when they're still waiting for us, waiting for the final chorus

And it's a hard road we all climb and we're climb it harder every day, the rubble builds up over time no one can clear it all away, and winter cannot save us from this summer of our malcontent, when they're still waiting for us, waiting for the final chorus, waiting for the horns to billow/bellow out... they want to hear you shout...

(False arrests with no hesitation, tragic deaths on misinformation, apathetic fractured relations, turning cheeks to children's starvation, violent forced assimilation, history with no repairations)

That you want us to be free!
Cuz it's a battle we must fight but we'll fight it better hand in hand, I'll put you out if you ignite, I'll smother all the flames in sand, and I still love you either way, but other people need love more, when the whole city's burning you help your friends march right out to the shore
But it don't mean war... unless they ask for it to be
It's just the love that people show, it's children learning to believe, this is the food they need to grow, it's generosity received, you were born in the same place, you were born a child of love and peace

Let me tell you something, when were kids my father would take us to the ball game, he would not let us stand up for the Star Spangled Banner. He said that song was a lie. He said it was only written for a certain group of people and it's not us.

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