Hey brother
Make way for patience
Or there is a chance
To breath through frustration
Pick it up
Fill it up
Not splashing a single drop
There is a lot of peace,
On the calm surface of the heart

Hey sister
Have you been the drama?
It becomes more severe
Every time you fall from grace
A strain of history
Heavy on the shoulders
And the world,
It moves forever on

And after the mourning
Morning has gone
It is time again
To journey towards home
The perpetual flame is ever waiting
For the one who sees
All that is done

At last no reason, a sensation,
To slay anymore
The silent hounds are all asleep
And the world it moves forever on
On the calm surface of the heart

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    My InterpretationI think the song is about people focusing too much about the past, spending too much time in anxiety and being upset instead of realizing there's nothing that can be changed and the future goes on still. It's pointless not to be happy...

    The first verse is about someone who's frustrated over something, but they're telling him that it's alright and that he can "breath trough the frustration". The second verse is about someone who's having anxiety over something that has happened in the past, she's not letting go and accepting it. It's a big weight on her shoulders. The past will always be what it is, it's the past. What has happened in the past will stay so. You can't change it, but you can accept it and move on. The weight will still be there, but you can move away from it. And the world... moves on.

    "The perpetual flame is ever waiting
    For the one who sees
    All that is done"

    Everyone can move on and live their lives, but they cannot block the truth (if someone has died, they're dead. Pretending as if they're not will not make revive them).

    And the last verse is when the person has moved on, the person lives in the present. The anxiety is gone, the hatred, the frustration is gone. Only tranquility is left.


    Or it's a song about what happens after death...
    Lurvikon January 07, 2014   Link

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