He was the son of a preacher's whore
And there was nothing she didn’t do for
The preachers traveling through their land
Her holes where opened for all their demands

Her slavery was his determination, he became the preacher himself
To dominate the weak and insecure to follow him into his kind of salvation
Control over the simple minded was easy and so he rose up high
His spiritual leadership brought many slaves, they we’re bound to him by their frustration

His slaves became an army, their will was his, controlled by fear
Preaching one body one faith one mind a thousand fists and eyes
He lived the life of a god his influence grew day by day

Suppression — Control — Dominance
Suppression — Control — Dominance

He took — all they had — but that was not enough for his greed
So he forced — them to give him — control over their body and their senses
Self-mutilation — his command — men shall sew close their eyes and mouth
Castration — the last ritual — to finish his perfect fellowship of believers

Women where his fighters his sex-slaves and his pride
They recruited followers by terrorizing the infidels
Decapitating and torturing was their way to spread believe
Blood spilling, was his command, he gave to them while copulating
The masse bowed under his will, his strength broke kings and nations
The preacher, ruler of the world, the son of whore became a god made of mortal flesh

Broke down — the women — realized the insanity directing their lives
They rose — from their knees — where he kept them under his preachers-fist
Freedom — in their minds — gave them strength to break the chains of their fear
Eternal — damnation — was the lesser threat to their sanity

Than this life he gave them to live
He forced them to lead
And gave them a constant pain
An eternal bleed
An unbearable cage
Of rules and suppression
They finally broke free
Gave their anger an expression
Violence was the only answer
To defeat the religious cancer
They killed him out of desire,
And their weapon was the fire

He was their god
They realized he’s not
Freedom from own hands
Is the one tasting best
To free themselves
They told the rest

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Son of a Preacher's Whore song meanings
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