6 ft. Undercover

Corpse dug up, all holes molested
Dead flesh in vein, Necrophiliac on the loose
The fifteenth time, Graveyards a mess
Cops resignate, the graveyard sees more action than a whorehouse
How to catch, a corpse lover, you need a bait
hot cadaver, our hero jumps in to save the day

This hero is no clever one, a village idiot more or less
His mental strength is by far succeeded by his motivation to rise and shine
Dress-up to look like a corpse
Get buried, that’s not insane
A trap so wrong it could work
Well that just sounds like a plan

The idiot in the coffin lurks, the air decline not in mind, he’s slowly passing out — he’s passing out
Trapped in his trap, a death so unnoticed and full of irony — full of irony
Free but sore he wakes, he lost his virginity to his rescuer — to his savior

Life is so disturbing as we crave for appreciation the loudest Ego-
centrics rule the center of attention which creates small minded
Zombies with constant craving for a piece of recognition for a
Fake and shallow happiness in the spotlight of disgust

6 ft. Undercover, 6 ft. Undercover, 6 ft. Undercover

His loneliness is what he fights by searching for a bigger self, more acceptance and a little pride
Desperation is fueling is aspirations and his battle for his little chance to rise

New try the same routine, an idiot in the coffin slowly passing out — slowly passing out.
Stuffed from behind, he wakes up because someone’s pounding hard — someone’s pounding hard
Hole weak but glad, he caught the villain he’s gonna be a hero now - a hero now
It’s a sexy bait, one gaze and he finds himself in love — oh so in love


Fame is just a fuckin’ empty …. Shell!

A choice was made he loved the bait aspirations gone for the sake of romance
Who wants to be a lonely hero just to read their name in the paper
Fifteen minutes of fame won’t last as long as a lifetime of happiness
Attention whores go down so fast after a life of misery

Necrophiliac never caught
The one who stopped him unknown
Graveyard back in his best shape
A suspicious couple takes a walk and smiles about the old times
When the friends were foes
Now they live happy ever after
Beyond the public they rose

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