My friends lost faith and abandoned me
they had higher calling and fake noses and tables scattered on purpose
i woke up in the rain, with a gutted kiote on my back
but now after moths of white rooms and ties and handshakes
they assure my i can speak of everything of this new cage

I made my rage rage in the heart black hopes of a hope
a hangman's rope willfuly provoked strange jokes and tightropes,
never rising in the mudded heart of a man or a can attack
react, busted an willfully planned
Jacktoid stands by the movements of the GPA play
in the world rusted by the heards of the man birds and top the curl
in the en clove of the pixelated, dated moans of political drones
and phones and cones and memory stones collected by Jim Jones
he grew up yella ah,
what crusted musted in well, with some water in my hair
and a song in my shell-seed heart
start pushily leading up to own beater drum to the memory hum of the slum drum scum of what i thought was right but what was scared of the night, of the kite, (?) in Greek renaissance shaped lease seized to make the home dignity thrown a jacket full of bones and an ancient puzzle
damn cardboard puzzles shoved in gods love of angels
dig it.
dig it.

sitting by the shriveled cowboy corpse
moving to the time of them sirens outside and the rhythm broke and stride
and them tangled in bleeding wood the plastic in the sun and the eyes of the child who ran away just to find that the church was a room with a man dressed in black who was sweating' just hearing the sounds of his children gargling verses like profits in prison
and the pastor moaned and phoned as he drenched in and walked
while perverts collected by the windows to watch
and they knew i had taken their peep show away
to my attic where the kids will be fed different ways
and they know that their black skies have died
and guys in white trench coats outside my home
surrounding, shouting "We want the kids, our kids"
and the kids are shouting "I'll give myself up and try to barter"
"No way man, i think this thing goes faster"
(?) children, men in trench oats come closer, running faster
passed the the girls and the cookies and diamonds,
passed the adobe house, drones dig faster toward the forest
there is goes, about to slip up passed the little dip too fast toward the river
i float in the water, i'm saved, i'm saved, i'm save, alright.

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